Ranjan emphasized that the government is fully committed to the welfare of all individuals residing in the relief camps.  (image file: PTI)

Ranjan emphasized that the government is fully committed to the welfare of all individuals residing in the relief camps. (image file: PTI)

The minister explained that there is a peaceful environment in the state

Manipur Health Minister Sabam Ranjan said Saturday that there have been no reports of unwanted incidents and violence since Friday morning in the state.

Highlighting the progress made by the state government in addressing the current unrest during a press briefing held at the DIPR office in Imphal, the minister said that there is a peaceful environment in the state.

Ranjan added that the government is actively working to ease the financial burden on the public. He revealed plans to implement a six-month or more postponement of bank loans, with the aim of providing relief to individuals in these difficult circumstances.

Aware of the importance of internet connectivity during emergencies, he informed the public that they can take advantage of the services offered at the DC office and other designated locations to meet their urgent internet needs.

He indicated that the government is determined to ensure that students in medical colleges do not face any academic setbacks to achieve this, and they are developing a model that would enable the delivery of classes, whether in person or virtual, and thus preserve the academic year for these students.

Pointing out that a large number of individuals, totaling 50,648 people, have sought shelter in the 349 relief camps set up across the state, Ranjan stressed that the government is fully committed to taking care of all the individuals residing in these camps, paying special attention to vulnerable groups such as women. Pregnant and lactating women, children and the elderly.

Highlighting the smooth flow of essential commodities into Manipur via NH-37, the minister stated that nearly 2,376 trucks carrying about 35,000 metric tons of essential materials, including construction materials, fuel and other essential goods, had entered Imphal since May 15. Moreover, efforts are underway to expedite the activation of Gongsang Railway Station within the next seven to ten days, which will greatly improve railway services in the region.

Ranjan emphasized that in order to prevent possible price hikes or inflation, the government is implementing measures to closely monitor and control the situation during this period of crisis.

Regarding concerns surrounding students’ jobs and academic progress, he said the Minister of Education is expected to deliver a detailed press briefing, initially by Monday to ensure that no students are left behind due to the ongoing crisis.

The health ministry has also left no stone unturned in ensuring the welfare of the public, Ranjan said, noting that 212 newly appointed doctors have been deployed across the state to conduct medical examinations and provide necessary healthcare services.

Regarding security, Ranjan reported that out of the 4,537 weapons previously looted, the government had succeeded in recovering 990 weapons. He confirmed that, at present, 114 Companies of the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) have been deployed across the state to implement appropriate security measures and restore peace and normalcy. He added that combing operations are also taking place in the vulnerable areas in both the hills and valleys.

The Minister sought the public’s cooperation and support in the steps taken by the Government to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur.


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