Kalpana Achyut Koletkar learned Algebra, English and other subjects taught in the SSC syllabus

srasad Jambhale, Senior Software Engineer at Mastercard, shared on LinkedIn the inspiring story of how his mother completed her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) education in 2022, 37 years after it began.

After having to quit her studies due to financial constraints, she recently realized that the Maharashtra government has allowed anyone to retake the exam by studying at evening school. The government bore the cost of materials and training.

She started her days by learning all the lessons from the SSC syllabus. One day when I was back in India she showed me her notebook, and I was amazed to see how good she was at Algebra and English. She also showed me pictures showing how the group of people who have now left education, having decided to resume work, are being celebrated,” Gambhil says in the post.

In the post, he also shared pictures of her mark sheet, where she scored 79.60 percent, and the semester.

Prasad Jambhale shared this post on his page at the link here. This is what the post says:

My mother clears SSC exams after 37 years

So, the story goes back to when my mother was 16 years old, her father died and the financial crisis followed, to ensure that her siblings continued their education, she had to drop out of education and start working.

Now at present, last year my mum was in a government school where she had some work, the teacher asked her about her education and after learning that she didn’t get SSC approved my mum informed that there is a new government scheme where people who didn’t complete SSC can now reappear. The cost of study materials offline or online has been provided for free by the government.

Then I started going back to school from last December 2021, and kept it a secret. While living in Ireland, I recently became acquainted with her when I was about to get married before her exams. Anytime I was in Ireland and I would call him during Indian night, I’d ask, Where’s my mom? And I was told that she went for a walk, I thought it was strange that she was so interested in walking. I didn’t know she was going to night school. She even managed to keep this secret for a month from my father and brother, who remained under the same roof.

She started her days with learning all the lessons from the SSC syllabus, and one day when I came back to India, she showed me her notebook, and I was amazed to see how good she was at Algebra and English. She also showed me pictures showing how the group of people who left education, having decided to resume work, are now celebrated.

Even after so many years, not only was she able to absorb different teaching methods, but she was the valedictorian of her group. And to tell you, her exams were in March and my marriage was in February I was able to do all the required multitasking.

And now, here’s the score she cleared from her SSC, not only with passing marks, but a whooping 79.60%. Sometimes I feel so lucky that I didn’t have to worry about anything and was able to get into the position, just because of the privilege I have. Who knows what more my mom could have achieved? If she had the same privilege as me. I have always been very proud of my mother and now this will always impress a lesson in my mind, never stop learning, even if you have to take the age of 53 to pass SSC.

So proud of your mom and thanks for everything

Note: Thanks for the overwhelming response, my mom is grateful and can’t believe her story has an impact, she says thank you to everyone and encourages everyone to move on. Also, many people asked me about the scheme, if you are staying in Mumbai, you can go to the nearest BMC school, and ask them for admission in the night school. Unfortunately, we are not in other cities and states, but I am quite sure that there will be night school at the nearest state school.

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