Controversial internet personality Tristan, brother of Andrew Tate, has stepped forward to offer some valuable advice to Darren Thiel in the wake of the ex-UFC fighter’s huge financial loss in the cryptocurrency market.

Darren Thiel recently took to Twitter to share his unpleasant story of experiencing a huge financial loss due to cryptocurrency:

“I lost all my money in crypto.”

Check out the social media post below:

This prompted Tate’s younger brother to inject some humor into the situation by offering his views to “the gorilla”. Tristan tweeted:

“If you haven’t mortgaged the watch yet, you’re still above water. Sell it and buy shitcoins :)”

@darrentill2 If you haven’t pawned your watch yet, you’re still above water, sell it and buy shitcoins 🙂

Andrew Tate’s controversial views on the global cryptocurrency market and business have sparked persistent speculation among netizens. Notably, in 2021, his fascination with cryptocurrency led to the creation of Hustler’s University, an institution that provides guidance to students on the optimal timing of buying and selling crypto assets through daily analysis.

However, the narrative took a dramatic turn after the arrest of the former kickboxer in Romania in December 2022. Subsequently, local law enforcement seized nearly $500,000 in bitcoins, from the Tate brothers’ cryptocurrency wallets.

Andrew Tate links Darren Thiel’s last court appearance to ‘The Matrix attack’

Andrew Tate recently shared his unique take on Darren Thiel’s recent court appearance, drawing an eerie analogy to what he calls “The Matrix Attack.”

The former UFC fighter appeared in Liverpool Magistrates Court on Wednesday, facing three charges relating to an incident that took place at Fazakerley the previous month. Pleading not guilty, Till’s charges include driving while disqualified on Turnhall Road, driving without insurance, and obstructing a constable in the performance of his duties.

In response to Thiel’s legal complexities, Cobra took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts:

“#Freedarren which car? Where? What’s the speed? Nah bruv. Matrix attack.”

Check out Tate’s social media post below:

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