Noting that it is the responsibility of every government official to increase people’s confidence in the system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged bureaucrats to break the “fetters of hierarchy” and use the expertise of every person in the organisation.

Launching the inaugural National Training Conference, Modi emphasized the importance of enhancing expertise, enhancing collaboration, and improving service delivery.

In his speech at the conclave, the Prime Minister “emphasized the importance of aspects such as service-oriented government work, ownership in achieving the aspirations of the common man, the need to break hierarchies and use the expertise of every person in the organisation, the importance of Jan Bhajdari, enthusiasm for improvement and innovation of the system, among others others,” according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Modi has addressed more than 1,500 bureaucrats, from training and research institutes across the country. The event was held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

He later tweeted, “I attended the National Training Conference today, as part of our efforts to learn and serve better. I highlight the importance of capacity building, ending isolation and enhancing service delivery. We will continue to turn challenges into opportunities for a new India.”

Modi told the participants that, according to the statement, like the army establishment has built credibility in the eyes of the public, it is the responsibility of all government officials to increase people’s confidence in the system of government.

The conclave was organized by the Capacity Building Committee, with the aim of enhancing cooperation between civil service training institutes and strengthening the training infrastructure for civil servants across the country. Civil servants from central, state and local government departments, as well as experts from the private sector, are participating in it, according to the statement.


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