Hell’s paradise Episode 10 is titled Yin and YangIt was broadcasted on 10th June 2023. It captivated the audience with a rich storyline and heightened their suspense with suspenseful suspense. The episode delved into the discovery of Lord Tensen and the force known as Tao, as well as how it works. Viewers also witnessed some great action in the final panel.

Previously, in Hell’s paradise Episode 9, wandering alone towards Horai, Gabimaru encounters one of the Lord Tensen’s members, Zhu Jin. After an intense battle, when Gabimaru is about to die, Mei saves him. Later, Hokuko’s words convince Sagiri and others and they begin their journey to Hooray.

On the way, Hoko explains about Lord Tensen, a group of seven righteous beings, as well as the history of forestation. The episode concluded with Gabimaru meeting Gantetsusai and Yamada Asaemon Fuchi for the first time.

Hell’s paradise Episode 10: Sagiri still confident that Gabimaru will survive, Choubei and Toma confront Doshi

Jabimaru cooperates with Gantsusai and Sagiri’s confidence

Hell’s paradise Episode 10 picks up where the previous episode left off. Gabimaru and Gantetsusai engage in many intense battles in their minds, and after a while, he comes up with a proposal to form an alliance to obtain potential benefits through exchange of information and physical strength. After witnessing Lord Tensen’s prowess across Gabimaru, Gantetsusai, and Yamada’s battles with Asaemon Fuchi, he was surprised. As they plan to team up, Mei wakes up, which surprises Gabimaru as she is all grown up.

Meanwhile, on the way to Horai, Senta objects after hearing about Lord Tensen from Hokuko. He gives some logical explanation, stating that someone caused all this chaos, and that person or creature is the key to getting the elixir and escaping from Shinsekyo. Yuzuriha is against facing a person, stating that defeating that person is difficult. She also confirms that Jabimaru is dead, but Sagiri’s unwavering faith in the latter resists her assertion. Sagiri believes that Jabimaru is alive and plots his way to reunite with his wife.

The divine power of the Tao

Hell’s paradise Episode 10 showcased a complex force called the Tao. After Gabimaru asks Mi about the power she used to save him from Zhu Jin, she says that she used Tao. Later in the episode, Hoko explains that the Tao is a mysterious force belonging to Lord Tensen, and that they control the power. Tao bestows the strength and body of a single deity. Mai also tried to explain the power to Jabimaru’s team, but was unsuccessful due to her incoherent speech.

On the other hand, in Hell’s paradise In episode 10, Shion also explains to Norogai how he senses the waves running through everything. This concept of wave actually reflects Tao. Of all the interpretations of Shion, Hoko, and Mei, Tao is present in everything. Tao gives an individual the ability to transcend their natural strength and survive serious injuries. It can be found in the middle of anger and calm, stillness and movement, yin and yang.

Battle against Suchin and Doshi

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in Hell’s paradise Episode 10, once the Tao narration is complete, a horde of Soshin appears and starts attacking both Gabimaru’s team, Shion, and Nurugai. Gantetsusai marches off to defend himself, saying that fighting is the perfect way to learn Tao. Gabimaru notices a strange creature among the Soshin.

The scene changes to a different plot Hell’s paradise Episode 10, where two members of Lord Tensen, Mu Dan and another member of Lord Tensen, engage in an intimate relationship and discuss the hole where they put humans to create Tan and stating that humans can never get out of that hole. Meanwhile, Choubey and Touma successfully climb the hole. Chobei begins plotting revenge against two of Lord Tensen’s members who opposed Toma’s attempt to flee the island.

In the middle of the discussion, a different type of monster suddenly appears who introduces itself as Doshi, one of Lord Tensen’s henchmen. Doshi states that he was there to inspect the hole, and there was another person who was checking on the humans who had invaded the island. When Doshi demands Chobi and Toma return to the hole, a fight breaks out. Doshi summoned Suchin, who was taken care of by Toma at Chobe’s behest. Chobei faced Doshi’s monster, but Doshi was too strong and slashed the former’s throat.

Final thoughts

Hell’s paradise Episode 10 was action packed and straightforward. The episode included some important information, such as the description of Tan and the appearance of the new fearsome monster Doshi. In addition, the episode also introduced another member of Lord Tensen, Mo Dan.

Moreover, as Hell’s paradise Episode 10 ends on a cliffhanger with Chobei’s death, and it promises an intense battle with great animation and story in the next episode. The engrossing storyline always keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats and makes them eagerly await the upcoming episodes of the series.


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