Actor and model Lin Laishram has been a part of popular movies like Mary Kom and Axone.  (photo: News18)

Actor and model Lin Laishram has been a part of popular movies like Mary Kom and Axone. (photo: News18)

Actress and model Lynn Laishram said she lives in fear for her parents who have moved back home to violence-hit Manipur.

Model Actor Lyn Lashram – Who Come on Mary And Axon Fame – She left Manipur when she was just 9 years old because there was a rebellion in the state. She grew up abroad thinking that she would return one day. But now she lives again in fear of her parents, who returned home in a state of violence that hit her.

Laishram criticized the film industry for keeping silent about what was happening in Manipur, especially when it was talking about the Ukraine crisis and other international issues. Excerpts from an interview with News 18:

What do you think of the unrest in Manipur?

When we were kids, things weren’t quite right, so I had to leave. Unrest is not new to us. Things changed and Manipur was changing too, and there was an evolution. A lot of my friends were going home and starting a new life there, businesses, startups and so on. Then this happened and it took 20 years back in Manipur. My heart is bleeding, every community is suffering. I am very upset. I can’t stand this pain anymore.

Why can’t the two societies coexist?

This conflict has been there since time immemorial. It started at the time of our merger. There are many levels to this issue – land and poppy cultivation. I pray every day to wake up and return to normal life in Manipur. Go back two months, even the Miss India contest was held there. what happened after that?

How is your family back home?

Nobody in Manipur is fine. Roads and highways are closed, and medicine and supplies are not coming in. My parents are in their 70s, and have seen a lot of violence in their lives. My mom said to me, “We’ve never seen anything like this, people here are bent on killing each other, humanity is wasted.” I am worried about them, as they need medicines, although they are stored, but we do not know; If there is an emergency, what will we do? A few days ago, the water supply was stopped due to rumors that she was poisoned. There are a lot of problems. Gasoline prices and even basic needs such as vegetables are on the rise. I feel helpless.

What is the reaction of the film industry and intellectual fraternity?

There is no reaction from this brotherhood. They have time to talk about Ukraine and other international issues but they have nothing to say about Manipur. The Odisha tragedy was horrific, everyone tweeted and I also think people should tweet and stand by the victims, but what about us? Do we not exist? One state in India has been in crisis for more than a month and no one has anything to say?

Is it scary that they don’t feel towards the Northeast?

They will say the Northeast is beautiful but that’s it. So many houses burned down, and nobody cared. It’s very scary but no one talks about this, not even a word. This is discrimination. My question is why don’t we discuss? They just overlooked us and our situation.

How do you feel that the Manipur issue is being handled?

We could have avoided this. It could be resolved at the local level. The state government could not handle it properly. So far, we don’t see things changing. This violence is unacceptable. Fed up manipores.

Do you want to say something to the central government?

The Peace Commission must get to work quickly. We’re talking about AI on the one hand and looking at how bad things are in another part of India. Children are unable to go to school. They always feel that someone will come and attack them. They don’t deserve this. With part of the body rotting, the government must do something. I’m angry, I can’t stand this. I reside in mumbai but my heart is in manipur. Something needs to be done.

What do you want to say to Manipours?

Let’s hope things fall into place, let’s stand together and think: “We will overcome.” We can achieve peace together. Both sides are reeling from the pain and no one benefits from the violence. Let’s make peace.


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