For most of the general population, we know who the New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is. After spending 18 years in the spotlight, there aren’t many people who don’t know Rodgers.

But in a throwback video from Rodgers in his younger days, he appears in public at a coffee shop. One of the women came to the counter and said he looked like Aaron Rodgers, which the quarterback said he didn’t.

Rodgers said, when asked if he was the “real” Aaron Rodgers via the Sportsline TikTok account:

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“No I’m not. I get a lot. But would I work here if I were him? This guy makes like million dollar gas. He’s kind of punk too I hear him… I was (a fan) until people started saying I looked like him, and I thought he was He has longer hair.”

The woman in the video obviously knows football and I figured it wasn’t who he said it to be. But with Rodgers saying he’s not, he might have been replaying the whole situation.

The woman clearly knew it was the “real” Aaron Rodgers and we imagine that once the video goes viral, she will finally know she was right.

High expectations for Aaron Rodgers in New York

New York Jets offseason workout
New York Jets offseason workout

With Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many now expect Rodgers to be able to do the same with the Jets.

Youtube cover

Having been close to the playoffs last season and considered to be “just a quarterback away” from Super Bowl contenders, naturally, the Jets have high expectations.

The AFC East won’t be easy though, as the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are both strong in the Super Bowl window and are some people’s favorites for the AFC title.

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With Rodgers now under center, the Jets fan base has high expectations, but what should those expectations be? For some, the look of the fixture is minimal.

That would be seen as the first move, but really, it’s now the Super Bowl or statuette for the Jets with Rodgers at the helm. Can they do it? It’s going to be tough with the AFC loaded, but New York has all the chops to make the run.

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