On June 11, the latest stop of BORN PINK’s concert tour, BLACKPINK’s Jennie surprised fans by leaving the stage in the middle of the show. Rose later that single The singer was unwell and that the remaining concert would proceed without her. A fan stated that fans chanted “We love you Jenny” as the singer was seen exiting the stage.

Fans of the group BLINK immediately took to Twitter to express their concern for the artist. They also showered BLACKPINK’s Jennie with supportive messages, sharing how much they love her.

The crowd cheers for Jenny. You are so lovable 🥺

As many reassured single A singer asks her to take care of her health and not worry about her. Some of the fans who witnessed the outpouring of love for the singer commented on how much the artist is loved by thousands of people all over the world.

Fans are flocking to support BLACKPINK’s Jennie after she left the stage mid-performance as Rosé said she was “really, really upset.”

The girls kept reassuring us that Jenny was fine and she’s sad she can’t perform 🥺 Don’t worry about us and rest Jenny, we love you and hope you feel better soon baby 😭

The BORN PINK World Tour kicked off in October last year and has given the BLINKs a lot of great moments to stream on. The quartet gave impressive solo and group performances to their global fans, who many years later were watching in person. However, it was a different experience for the BLINKs who attended the second night of the Australian concert.

On June 11, the second night the quartet played in Melbourne, BLACKPINK’s Jennie left the stage after performing two songs. According to some fans, the single The singer was unable to do a sound check either. It was Rosé who informed fans that the singer was not appearing, and said that she was taking enough rest to perform well at the concert.

It’s okay Jenny, you did great: ((Relax please. We love you 🥺 twitter.com/tjruby_/status…

After BLACKPINK’s Jennie left the stage, Rosé took responsibility once again and shared that the group will carry on with the rest of the concert without her. She also stated that the singer was “really upset backstage” at not being able to perform with them.

“We are so sad we couldn’t take her with us today because she was so excited to be in Melbourne. And I’m sure she feels really, really upset behind the scenes. But all our hearts go out to her so she can feel better quickly. We can enjoy this moment with her.” (Translation via Koreaboo)

Fans in the audience chanted a name single The singer’s name to show their love for her. Meanwhile, fans around the world expressed their love and support for her by sharing messages on Twitter.

Jenny wanted to perform despite her condition and was brave enough to finish 3 songs – it still showed. Get well soon Nene 🥺

Jenny’s got a saline solution to do. She should be resting I’m worried 🥺

This literally broke my heart I hope you get better soon Jenny :(and I just hope all 4 of them are healthy and safe I can’t see one like this it hurts so much

You didn’t have to push yourself to get out there and perform but nonetheless, thank you Jenny. For now, please focus on yourself and get better soon. #JENNIEYOUARELOVED

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment also released a statement addressing this issue. He stated that BLACKPINK’s Jennie was unable to complete the concert “due to her deteriorating condition.” She added that the singer had a “strong determination” to go through with the ceremony, but that medical officials on site advised her against it.

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