With a view to ensuring the safety and security of the public in Gorakhpur district, the police are installing HD CCTV cameras at most road junctions, the officials said.

Gorakhpur Police started ‘Operation Trinetra’ under the leadership of Additional Director General of Gorakhpur District, Akhil Kumar. He said more than 11,500 cameras have already been installed at 400 traffic junctions and 27 police stations in Gorakhpur.

So far, cameras have been installed in 136 districts of Gorakhpur city and 292 in rural areas. No fewer than 14,713 cameras have been installed under a scheme called ‘Har Gar Camera’.

“The project has enabled the Gorakhpur Police to create a geographical map of the area, making sure that no dark spots are left and the whole area can be kept under effective surveillance and vigilance,” said Assistant Director General.

The officer said the initiative was successful thanks to the cooperation with ordinary citizens who unite in support of Operation Trinetra under the leadership of “Har Ghar Yojana”.


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