Are you looking to store your crypto in a hardware wallet? If yes, then this Keystone wallet review article will be very helpful for you. Today, we bring you a legitimate and in-depth review of the Keystone hardware wallet. Without any delay, let’s dive in together.

Keystone portfolio review

What is a Keystone Hardware Wallet?

It was launched in the year 2017 with the primary objective of addressing issues related to storage, keystone It is a secure, reliable and convenient cold storage wallet for storing cryptocurrencies and tokens without any hassle.

It is a cold storage wallet, and it does not have any internet connection. Yes, it is an offline storage system that comes with more security and a quick approach to avoid hackers.

Keystone supports different types of Blockchain and tokens as they use QR codes to fill in the security holes. It is a device that has a 4-inch touch screen interface that offers a unique protection system from physical attacks and some elements like water. Let’s cover a few points to make this review more informative and convenient.

Features | Keystone portfolio review

# Air gap

Keystone Hardware Wallet is Air-Gapped, which means it provides massive security to prevent attacks from scammers. Unlike its competitors, Keystone uses QR code connections, which are more secure than USB and Bluetooth.

QR codes are more secure for data transfer and Keystone has also developed micro SD capability for compatibility with desktop wallets.

Keystone wallet

# Open source firmware

Keystone is the first hardware wallet to come with open source firmware code, which allows it to verify all cryptocurrencies. It helps to know how private keys are generated.

Well, if you want to check the firmware upgrade to check whether it is original or not, you can compile a secure open source object using the hardware wallet application layer code.

# Self-destruct mechanism

If you forgot to bring your hardware wallet or it gets stolen, you don’t have to worry because of the self-destruct mechanism feature. Keystone developed this mechanism for the convenience of the user.

If it finds a cracking attempt, the mechanism will erase the private keys and other related information stored on the device.

# Payback stage with rolling dice

There are some hardware wallets, which allow users to generate their own true random numbers by simply rolling the dice. Yes, Keystone falls into that category that provides such features.

It will be very helpful to know that the seed phrase you generate is 100% original and randomly generated.

Detailed review of the Keystone hardware portfolio

Below we have provided a detailed review of the Keystone hardware wallet.

microSD keystone

# protection

Keystone provides a massive security system to its users and has gone through an amazing phase to ensure that the digital assets are highly secured. Users need to go through the QR code available on the back of the device.

It is a process to ensure that no nefarious activity takes place during the delivery of the digital assets. Then users need to update the firmware, which can only be done with the help of a Micro SD card, and they have to download the firmware to a Micro SD card from the computer.

Users need to go through the QR code process to verify transactions. Apart from this device, users will be required to download their app as well to transfer assets between accounts. To make it very secure, the asset transfer process is a bit tedious. Even, they have anti-tamper technology, which ensures that if the device is lost, users don’t have to worry because hackers won’t use anything. All information will be erased if any attempt is made to break.

QR authentication

# Compatibility

Keystone is constantly working to provide better compatibility with blockchain services. Currently, it is compatible with more than 15 software wallets and is the first wallet to provide direct integration with Metamask mobile.

To connect it to Metamask, users just need to go to their Keystone device and click on the software wallets menu in the device settings. Once connected to it, you can send and receive digital assets while reaping all the security benefits of the Keystone system. The process of sending assets will be the same as scanning a QR.

# Interior features

Keystone does a great job for users who store their digital assets offline. It will be convenient to send and receive assets using Keystone.

However, if we compare Keystone to different services like Ledger, then we can say that Keystone offers limited services. Here, Dapps internal Ledger provides the ability to buy and exchange assets directly within the app.

This does not mean that Keystone is not worthy because the primary goal of Keystone is to provide massive security for digital assets, not to act as a DEX marketplace.

# Ease of use

While providing some exciting features for the users to secure and transfer their assets, they have made the whole process a bit tedious. Yes, generating QR codes provides more security than any other method, but at the same time it takes more time to initiate these transactions. It has a 4 inch touch screen which makes it easier to use unlike Ledger to perform actions with the help of just two hard buttons.

This device is not for beginners and people who make frequent deals. If you are storing your crypto for the long term then it is a great option for you but to make a quick decision you need to choose any other device as it has complex functions.

# Blockchain coverage

One of the most important things everyone should know is the blockchain coverage offered by Keystone Hardware Wallet. The platform is constantly updating new features for user convenience. Currently, they support over 5,500 coins, 200 Blockchain integrations, and 15 software wallets. Users can secure their coins and chains in a safe and easy place.

Keystone wallet has become the first wallet solution to offer rapid integration with ENS usernames. This means that users can send the digital asset to the ETH wallet address of the main contacts instead of copying the entire chain.

Currently, Keystone NFTs are supported on Ethereum and Solana.

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So, if you are looking for an incredibly secure device to store your coins or tokens, the Keystone Hardware Wallet is for you. Transferring assets is said to be a time consuming and tedious task.

All in all, it is a great device for enhancing the security of your purchased cryptocurrency. So, we hope you found this review helpful.


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