In 2009, The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) joined WWE. About a year later, their cousin, Roman Reigns, signed with a Stamford-based company. Several years later, the cousins ​​reunite at The Bloodline under the leadership of Reigns, who serves as the chief of the tribe.

Reigns has been referring to Jey Uso as his right-hand man. Last Friday on SmackDown, The Bloodline’s Wise Man, Paul Heyman, claimed that Jimmy was jealous of his twin brother as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion grooming J to become the next tribal leader.

In June 2021, Reigns made some comments during an interview with Gorilla Position that explained why he wanted Jey Uso to become the next chief of the tribe. The leader of The Bloodline revealed that Jey somewhat mentored him during his first day in WWE, as they were neighbors and spent a lot of time together. The right hand man taught Reigns things that helped him become who he is today.

“I literally lived in an apartment complex across the wall from my cousin Jey Uso. And, you know, they actually made their debut at the time and he was on the road well, but every day he would come back — he’d always come back on Wednesday (…) and we’d We usually spend all Wednesday nights on the front porch just talking about wrestling. Just discussing different things, different ideas, different little things that I need to know, and just helping me — just, you know, kind of enhancing the whole process, speeding it up for me,” he said.

The chief of the tribe added:

“And luckily for me, I’m a very good listener. So, I was able to take in everything, learn all the basics, everything he taught, the little things, step one. And then we were able to move on to step two. For me, it really helped me move from a state crawling to walking to running.” (7:17 – 8:09)

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The bloodline breaks down in WWE

A few weeks ago, The Bloodline appeared to fall apart after Jimmy Uso superkicked Roman Reigns twice in front of a confused and shocked Ji Uso at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia. On the following episode of SmackDown, Reigns kicked Jimmy out of The Bloodline while Solo Sikoa took him out with a Samoan Spike.

Meanwhile, Jey has yet to reveal if he will continue with The Bloodline or take his twin brother’s side. Last Friday on SmackDown, Jimmy accidentally hit J. Lee that cost him his United States Title match against Austin Theory after J. Solo stopped Sekua from hitting him with the Samoan Spike.

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