In an attempt to infiltrate southern states, BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday traveled to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and said Manmohan Singh’s United Progressive Alliance government had failed to provide internal security to enable terrorists from Pakistan to enter the country and carry out bombings. .

Addressing a rally at the Visakhapatnam Railway grounds to celebrate Nine years of Narendra Modi’s NDA government at the centreShah said, “The UPA government led by Manmohan Singh was weak. During the UPA regime, any other state, the Jamaliyya could enter and carry out bomb blasts. He did not have the guts to do anything against them.”

Prime Minister Modi’s government has been ensuring the country’s internal security for the past nine years. Within 10 days of the Pulwama incident, our defense forces responded with a surgical strike inside Pakistan.

Interior Minister too He blamed the UPA government for corruption and scandals. “During the 10 years, the UPA government has been involved in corruption of about 12 crore. But in the nine years of Modi’s government, no one has been able to file a single allegation of corruption.

Appealing to the people of Visakhapatnam that on the occasion of Modi’s nine-year rule, the BJP should aim to win in Andhra Pradesh, Shah also attacked the YSRCP government for corruption. “In the past four years, the YSR Jagan Mohan government has done nothing but corruption, fraud and fraud… I speak from the land of greats like Alluri Sitarama Raju but I agonize over the corruption that the YSRCP government indulges in,” he said.

He said Jagan Mohan Reddy claims to head a farmer-friendly government. But he should be ashamed that Andhra Pradesh ranks third among the states in terms of farmer suicides in the country. Modiji sends 6000 to 11 crore farmers every year from Delhi but Jagan Mohan Reddy gives this money to farmers as YSR Scheme Rythu Bharosa… Andhra Pradesh government publishes pictures of center funded welfare schemes, they are not provided by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

In Chennai earlier in the day, Shah made a case for BJP workers to work for more than 25 seats for the NDA in Tamil Nadu. Addressing a crowd in Vellore, Amit Shah expressed his gratitude to the people of Tamil Nadu for their unwavering support during Modi’s nine-year rule.

In 2024, the Modi government has to win again for the third time. I am sure that not only BJP will win seats in Tamil Nadu but will also have ministers from the state. In his speech, Shah was seen sending multiple reminders to cadres about the need for the NDA to win more than 25 seats in the state. The state has 39 Lok Sabha seats along with 1 seat in the Union Territory of Puducherry.


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