Yesterday Kyle Brown, an ESPN producer who worked for the company for 18 years, passed away. While working for North Carolina in the NCAA Super Regionals, he suffered a medical emergency and died at the age of 42.

Kyle Brown was running No. 16 Alabama versus top-ranked Wake Forest, a game that ended in a 22-5 road record that sent Wake Forest to the College World Series. There was a delay of several hours due to the accident.

Coverage of NCAA baseball across ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU kicked off this afternoon with a tribute to Kyle Brown from @employee

Brown is survived by his wife, Megan, and their four children: McKayla, Carson, Camden, and Madden. Before beginning his production career with ESPN, Brown played sports at the collegiate level. He was captain of the Ohio State baseball team.

The cause of Kyle Brown’s death

As of now, the sole cause of death for former ESPN producer Kyle Brown is a non-descript medical emergency in a college baseball tournament. They are not currently listing the official cause of death.

Kyle Brown was working the Alabama game
Kyle Brown was working the Alabama game

ESPN provided a statement to its employee:

“Kyle was an employee of ESPN for 16 years, a much admired member of our production team — and so accomplished, he earned two Sports Emmy Awards while working on numerous sports from baseball and basketball to Monday Night Football and college football.”

Youtube cover

Chris Bowden said this live this morning:

“Kyle cherished the chances of a career in sports,” Boden said. “His family at ESPN wish to extend our deepest condolences and full support to Kyle’s loved ones… Kyle will be greatly missed.”

Kyle will be missed, and thoughts and prayers will go out to his friends, family, and ESPN.

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