Spaces under flyovers in Delhi that are often misused for littering, antisocial activities, parking and sleeping of homeless people will undergo changes. As for the Public Works Department (PWD) in Delhi, it has come up with a plan to transform these “urban void spaces” across the city into public facilities like charging stations, libraries, parks, etc., ahead of the G20 Summit.

Special Secretary for Persons with Disabilities Shashanka Ala requested details of bridges and ideas from all district judges who were also asked to hold consultations with RWAs and come up with an idea suitable for each district by 16 June.

Currently, people with disabilities have removed the homeless from under the Lajpat Nagar bridge and are developing the space into a sports complex with badminton and table tennis courts and a multi-use center for indoor recreation, games and activities such as yoga, meditation, carom and others.

“It has been confirmed that unused spaces under bridges are misused and turned into garbage dumps, creating an unhealthy environment. To address this, an effort is being made to convert these vacant spaces in urban areas into public facilities such as charging stations, play areas, and public spaces. offices, libraries, etc. and you are kindly requested to specify the desired public facility which is suitable for the district and adjoining place in a letter to all the county judges,” said the private secretary.

As per directives for persons with disabilities, the area authorities will have to specify the number of overpasses, names and location of the road along with other details such as the size of the space, whether the space is already in use, whether the space is closed, and if not, what It can be done to improve it.

The county magistrates were also asked to set up a commission to decide on the matter. The team will have a district judge as contract officer; the DCP (Traffic) of the Delhi Police; Special Commissioner, Road Safety, Department of Transportation; Executive Engineers and Consultants of Persons with Disabilities from the Department of Persons with Disabilities and Transportation as its members.

Civic agencies like Persons with Disabilities, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) are currently working to remove illegal overpasses from under bridges to make way for the beautification initiative.


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