Packages move along a conveyor belt at an Amazon fulfillment center on Cyber ​​Monday in Robbinsville, New Jersey, on Monday, November 28, 2022.

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Amazon It turns to artificial intelligence to help users find the right product.

The online retailer recently started testing a feature in its shopping app that uses artificial intelligence to summarize reviews customers have left on certain products. It provides a brief overview of what shoppers liked and didn’t like about the product, along with a disclaimer that the summary was “generated by artificial intelligence from the text of customer reviews.”

Kids mobile phone list Cauldron game “Magic Mixis” He says buyers gave positive comments about “fun factor, looks, value, performance, quality, shipping, and leakage.”

However, the majority of customers expressed negative opinions regarding these aspects. “For example, some customers paid over $100 for a game that wasn’t worth it, while others had issues with product quality and shipping.”

Amazon is testing a feature that uses artificial intelligence to summarize product reviews.

property It was spotted for the first time By Mark Wichorek, CTO of Amazon Marketing Agency Fortress Brand.

Amazon has confirmed that it is testing the feature. The company did not share specific details about its work or the AI ​​models used to summarize reviews and generate scripts.

“We are investing heavily in generative AI across all of our businesses,” Amazon spokesperson Lindsay Shanahan said in a statement.

Amazon has long relied on artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver targeted ads and personalized recommendations to shoppers. But the recent frenzy around generative AI and chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has prompted companies including Amazon to sharpen their focus on the technology. Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon, said in April that generative artificial intelligence and large language models will “change and improve the experience of nearly every customer.”

Using artificial intelligence to summarize reviews can be beneficial to shoppers. Amazon has millions of products on its online store, and there can be thousands of reviews on a single item. The company has tried to make it easier for shoppers to review products through One-click rating system, allowing users to leave comments without writing a full review. Recently, some shoppers have started using chatbots to write Amazon reviews for them.

Trust has always been an issue for Amazon. False reviews have proliferated on the site and other online marketplaces, and many companies have turned to a combination of human moderators and automated tools to get rid of them.

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