Sam Altman speaks at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, June 5, 2023.

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said Tuesday on the Singapore leg of his world tour that the world is demanding AI and the market will deliver it.

“We have enough advanced languages ​​and also powerful enough computers to make AI bigger and bigger and bigger,” Altman told business founders, technology executives, and the general public at Singapore Management University.

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“We’re going to make the models more efficient. We’re going to make more chips. I think that’s clearly what the world wants and the market will deliver.”

OpenAI is the manufacturer of ChatGPT – an AI chatbot that has gone viral for its ability to generate human-like responses to user prompts. Just two months after its launch, it reached 100 million users.

But the cost of training and “inference” – which actually works – large language paradigms like ChatGPT is significant. As such, Altman said the company has been focused on making AI as accessible to everyone as possible.

“We want to get the cost of intelligence down and down,” he said. “We want to make this stuff so cheap that you don’t have to think about it.” OpenAI has reduced inference costs by 10 once every three months or so by 10x, according to Altman.

“We plan to continue to make significant reductions in the future. We have to keep making research breakthroughs to be able to do that,” he added.

The CEO of OpenAI is touring the world, trying to stay ahead of global regulators

Last week, as interest in artificial intelligence continued to grow, the leading technology company visited India, China, South Korea and Japan for conferences and meetings.

At an industry forum hosted online by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence on Saturday, Altman said China should take the lead in regulating AI and that the country “has some of the best AI talent in the world.”

On Friday, he met with South Korean President Yoon Sok-yol and urged South Korea to lead the production of artificial intelligence chips. South Korean chip makers Samsung And SK Hynix It leads the country’s ambitious push in semiconductor research and production.

Altmann and other technology leaders recently warned in an open letter that artificial intelligence poses a risk of human extinction on par with nuclear war and stressed that reducing risks associated with the technology should be a global priority.


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