TOKYO: An 18-year-old army cadet fatally shot three fellow soldiers at a firing range on a Japanese army base Wednesday, two of them were killed, officials said.
Police said the suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the scene in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. The suspect fired his rifle at the soldiers during shooting exercises in the area Hino Kihon shooting rangethe police said. The Ground Self-Defense Force, affiliated with the Japanese Army, confirmed that two of the wounded were later killed in a hospital. Army Chief of Staff General Yasunori Morishita said the suspect joined the army in April. Morishita said he has ordered a temporary suspension of firing drills across the country while the military investigates the incident.
Japan has strict gun control laws, but has seen notable acts of violence in the recent past, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida almost getting hit by a pipe bomb. Former Prime Minister Abe was assassinated in 2022 by an attacker using a homemade gun.


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