Hyderabad/London: A 27-year-old woman from Hyderabad living in the UK, Tejaswini Reddy Kuntham, was stabbed and killed in her apartment in Wembley, London, on Tuesday. Brazilian national Kevin Antonio Lourenço de Moraes (23), who was Tejaswini’s neighbor, was arrested as a suspect.
It is also believed that the assailant attacked Tejasweni’s roommate, Akila (28), but she survived and was taken to hospital with knife wounds. Akhila family is from Allir, in Yadhadri Bovagiri district, Telangana.
Police officers investigating the crime have not yet attributed a motive for the attack. They added that the London Ambulance Service received a call at around 10am GMT on Tuesday about the two women lying in pools of blood in their flat.
London-based Ramesh Katta, who is in contact with Tejaswini’s relatives, told TOI she was a computer science student at the University of Greenwich. Both Achilles completed their degrees and moved into a flat in Wembley. The Brazilian man moved into the apartment with his girlfriend a week ago. Tejaswini’s family is in shock. Her mother said, “I only spoke to her on Tuesday morning, and now we are learning about this tragedy.”


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