Cheers DC Universe fans! James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, gave a promising status update Peacemaker season 2. This follows the successful debut of the first season of peace makerstarring John Cena, on HBO Max in 2022.

Fans, who were instantly hooked on the first season, are eagerly awaiting any news regarding the series’ continuation. Cena expressed excitement about the future of the show, expressing optimism about his potential return to the character.

After the first season, Gunn was named Co-CEO of DC Studios and jumped at the opportunity to reveal the inaugural slate of the revamped, aptly named DC Universe. Gods and monsters.

However, fans were left baffled when peace maker It was missing from the list. Fortunately, Gunn reassured everyone in February, stating that the show was “on hold,” not cancelled.

Peacemaker Season Two: Next on James Gunn’s list yet Superman: Legacy

Peacemaker Season 2: James Gunn's next ambitious project Superman: Legacy (Image via Warner Bros.)
Peacemaker Season 2: James Gunn’s next ambitious project after Superman: Legacy (Image via Warner Bros.)

Recently, on a podcast episode Inside You with Michael RosenbaumGunn was inquired about the condition peace maker sequel. Emphasized on the show’s future, Gunn announced it as his immediate project after the show was finished Superman: LegacyAnd Mentionsed:

“No, Peacemaker returns right after Superman. That’s the next thing.”

James Gunn has indicated that “Peacemaker Season 2” comes after “Superman: Legacy.” “Peacemaker” returns right after “Superman.” This is the next thing. ”

Gunn further revealed his intention to go straight from one project to the next, intending to hit the ground running Peacemaker season two At the earliest Superman Conclude:

“Yeah, go straight from Superman to Peacemaker.”

For context, in April, James Gunn confirmed that a second season of the hit DC series would follow “after Superman,” though he declined to provide an exact timeline.

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During the same interview, Gunn also discussed his Waller show, another DCU project featuring many of the same faces from peace makerscheduled for release by Peacemaker season two. Then the host brought up the topic of a sequel to Suicide SquadTo which Jan replied in the negative.

expected release Peacemaker season two

Peacemaker Season 2 Release: Fans eagerly await the return of Peacemaker as they anticipate another exciting season in the DC universe (Image via Warner Bros.)
Peacemaker Season 2 Release: Fans eagerly await the return of Peacemaker as they anticipate another exciting season in the DC universe (Image via Warner Bros.)

with Superman: Legacy Set to be released on July 11, 2025, it can be surmised that Peacemaker season 2 won’t premiere until after that. Consider the production schedule Guardians Vol. 3And which was filmed from November 2021 to May 2022, it is likely that this shoot Superman It will conclude in the summer of 2024.

production schedule for peace maker Season one ran from January to July 2021. If season two follows a similar schedule, filming could conclude in winter 2024, indicating a possible summer 2025 release or a delayed fall 2025 release if the DCU chooses to space out between releases.

What can fans expect in the next season after a long break from the first season? While it’s reasonable to assume the narrative continues from where Season 1 left off, Jan’s comment about the involvement of familiar characters from… peace maker In the Waller The show indicates that the plot could take a different turn.

events in Waller The show is likely to pave the way for peace maker Touching comeback. There could be a significant event at Waller’s end that directly reconnects Cena’s character to the story.

One of the main projects from James Gunn’s DCU – # wall TV show from the creators of the highly acclaimed Watchmen & Doom Patrol series, Amanda Waller will be collaborating with members # peace maker In this crime series, possible release – year 2025 #DCU #DCStudios

One plausible scenario could be an issue involving Amanda Waller’s Viola Davis, who requires Peacemaker’s help, similar to her invitation to the Justice League in the Season 1 finale. Although their help came too late, Waller may use this incident to insist that Peacemaker owes her one.

Meanwhile, fans can still enjoy their excitement peacemaker season 1, Available now to stream on HBO Max.

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