A video clip of the clip that went viral.  (Twitter)

A video clip of the clip that went viral. (Twitter)

The show’s cause notice cited a video that went viral on social media “depicting an Army septic tanker, discharging untreated sewage directly into Skara Stream…causing severe water pollution.”

In an unusual development, the administration of the Union Territory of Ladakh has fined the Indian Army and issued a Notice for Show due to its actions which lead to water pollution.

The offer notice, issued last week and sent to the HQ commander in Leh, Ladakh, cited a video that went viral on social media “depicting an army sewage container, engaged in the process of discharging untreated sewage directly into the Skara stream, near a filling station.” water, by GH, which leads to severe water pollution.”

“The clip spread rapidly around the world, attracting a large number of viewers, and generating great concern within the online community,” the notice read.

News 18 has a copy of the notice.

The Ladakh Administration and Pollution Control Commission referred to the Central Government order providing for general discharge standards for environmental pollutants from various sources under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

It also stipulates the following: “Anyone who does not comply with or contravenes any of the provisions of this law or the rules issued or the orders or directives issued pursuant thereto shall be punished, with respect to each such failure or contravention, with imprisonment for a term that may extend to five years or with a fine that may be imposed.” extend to one rupee, or with both, and in case of continued failure or offense, with an additional fine which may extend to five thousand rupees for each day during which such failure or offense continues after conviction for the first such failure or offense.”

The Pollution Control Commission directed the Army unit to deposit an ‘Environmental Compensation’ (EC) of Rs 5,000 for causing environmental damage.

The alleged video of an army container dumping untreated sewage into the stream was shared by many users on social media platforms including Twitter.

Responding to a Twitter user, the Fire and Fury Corps of the Indian Army unit in Ladakh said, “We regret this unprecedented incident which does not reflect the sentiments of the Fire and Fury Corps. We remain committed to Clean and Green Ladakh, in close coordination with the civil administration. necessary corrective action.”


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