For world champion in one sport, Regian Iersel, it helps to have the right technique.

‘The Immortal’ proved this true again in his final fight, defeating his opponent in just 46 seconds, which he said was a product of things he worked on in training.

Regian Eersel successfully defended ONE’s lightweight title in Muay Thai by eliminating Russian challenger Dmitry Menshikov in a one-minute title showdown at ONE Fight Night 11 on Prime Video on June 9 in Bangkok.

He connected a well-placed left hook to the opponent’s head which was enough to send Dmitry Menshikov to the mat and render him unable to continue.

talking while south china morning newspaperIn the post fight interview, Regian Eersel shared that what happened against Menshikov was something he had been working on in training and was happy to see it effective. He said:

“But you see, if I used the right technique, the knee was a distraction because I saw his right hand. It was like he fell a little bit. I threw the left hook. And I thought he was getting up, but yeah, he did, but he was swinging and then I knew it was over.” “.

Watch the interview below:

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His latest win was the second successful defense of the lightweight Muay Thai gold from Regian Ercel, who became world champion in the division last October.

The Dutch champion of Suriname is also the king of lightweight kickboxing, and he’s looking forward to defending him in his next fight.

A reboot of ONE Fight Night 11, which took place at Lumpinee Boxing Arena, is available for free on Amazon Prime in North America.


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