Police outside the nomination center.  (News 18)

Police outside the nomination center. (News 18)

News18 visited a center in Baruipiur Panchayat Samithy to check if SEC rules are being followed

Even with the State Election Commission (SEC) imposing Section 144 1 km away from nomination centers for panchayat elections to prevent overcrowding, the opposition alleged violence at centers in various parts of West Bengal. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday night lodged a complaint that the ruling Trinamool Congress was in violation of the law.

News18 visited a center in Baruipiur Panchayat Samithy to check whether SEC rules are being followed. As the News18 vehicle drove toward the office, workers were seen everywhere. They were standing in groups, with or without flags. Some police were present, but we saw no attempt by the police to remove them.

When the News18 team got down to business there, the police jumped into action trying to disperse the crowd.

Qutbuddin, leader of the local ruling party emerged from the crowd and told News18, “Our supporters are more, we can’t help them, so there is a crowd. Everybody wants to be part of this nomination procedure. The government has done a lot of work, that’s why we came with a lot of the people “.

Another party worker told News18: “We have always held rallies and come for the nomination. I understand people’s feelings. The opposition does not have a campaign, they do not have supporters.”

Reports say that such cases are being reported elsewhere as well.

“In Bhangar in South 24 Paraghana and Rashidabad, there is resistance from the Congress. Hence, the conflict is over,” the Congress leader told News18.

Reports also came in from Bhangar that despite announcements from the BDO about Section 144, political supporters were gathering in hordes.


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