BeijingThree people were killed after a series of explosions caused by fireworks targeted residential buildings in a city in northern China Tianjinlocal officials said Wednesday.
Authorities believe the explosions, which occurred shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday, were set off by a 46-year-old man who has since been arrested.
State radio said several others were injured and were still being treated by emergency responders on Wednesday CCTV mentioned.
The blasts shook two residential complexes one kilometer apart in the eastern part of Tianjin, about 110 km southeast of Beijing.
The arrested suspect, and Ma’s nickname, is under investigation but preliminary findings have not been made public.
Pictures of the scene circulated on social media showed firefighters trying to help the victims inside an apartment building, the exterior of which appeared to be severely damaged.
One video showed second-floor balconies hanging precariously over piles of rubble, while flames blazing from an upstairs window.
State-controlled National Business Daily It stated that 26 homes were damaged as a result of the explosions and that 34 people had been evacuated.
In another video, a man at the scene said one of the apartment buildings had been left “dilapidated” by the blasts.


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