Mandy Roach, a 35-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was recently charged with assisting suicide and molesting her estranged boyfriend and father of her child Kevin Metzger, a 37-year-old veteran who killed himself on June 18, 2021.

In a statement, District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli accused Mandy Rioch of driving then-boyfriend Kevin Metzger to commit suicide with a series of “outrageous and graphic” text messages while he was away at military training. Authorities said Roche relentlessly tortured the victim for weeks, beginning in May 2021, after he left for army training.

I’m looking into the criminal complaint against Mandy Rioch. She was charged today by Westmoreland Co DA after a two-year investigation into letters they say she sent to her boyfriend, Kevin Metzger, encouraging him to take his own life. @tweet

The barrage of text messages was reportedly laced with profanity and insults as she repeatedly insulted and threatened to take away custody of their daughter, Salem Metzger, before encouraging him to take his own life. Fueled by copious hate-fueled messages, mentally defeated Kevin Metzger reportedly committed suicide after sending text messages from his girlfriend to a caring boyfriend. Ziccarelli said:

Mr. Metzger might still be here today if these letters had not affected him and encouraged him to commit suicide. These messages from Metzger’s estranged girlfriend had been going on and on relentlessly for months until they finally stopped when the victim committed suicide.”

Mandie Reusch sent a video of her having sex with another man to her boyfriend

Elaborating on the incident, Ziccarelli said the vicious cycle of messages began on May 5, 2021, when the victim was away at a training facility and Mandy Rioch stayed home with their daughter.

On that day, Reusch allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to the victim saying she was moving in with another man and would never see his daughter again.

“I hope for (the child’s) sake that you kill yourself. It would be better for her even if she didn’t know you.”

Mandy Rioch has been accused of driving her army veteran boyfriend to suicide

Soon after, the cruelty in the texts reportedly increased with the frequency of each message sent by the suspect. In one text, the suspect reportedly told the victim that she would have sex with her new partner on Mother’s Day and their daughter would begin addressing the new beau as father.

Authorities said that when the victim sent the suspect $200 to cover expenses, Mandy Rioch reportedly sent a video of her having sex with a man and telling him she destroyed his belongings at home. One of the texts read:

“Go kill yourself. You are not a real (expletive) human being.”

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Overwhelmed by ongoing harassment, on June 3, 2021, Metzger, who served in the military for 20 years, reportedly complained to Irwin police, who warned Reusch to stop sending him messages and then charged her with harassment, which was dropped shortly after. his death.

Shortly before Kevin Metzger committed suicide, on June 18, 2021, the victim reportedly threatened the suspect that he would post her vicious messages online, to which Mandy Rioch replied that she would ban their daughter from seeing him on Father’s Day.

Soon after, the police found Metzher dead, and a friend sent him for a welfare check.

PennLive reports that Reusch is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail after she failed to post her $150,000 bond after being arraigned on Tuesday. She has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 27, 2023.

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