Nikola Jokic’s father seems to have played a much larger role in his son’s rise to stardom than anyone could have imagined. While it’s usually his two older brothers, who are frequently on the court at his games and take credit for getting him into basketball, there’s more to the story.

According to AP News, who spoke with Nikola Jokic’s father, Branislav Jokic, when his son was young, he wanted to be a jockey. Given that the Serbian star’s dad owns a belt racing club, it might be a logical career path to follow.

According to Branislav Jokić, he knew his son was destined for greatness on the hardwood.

“He had something special in him. I rarely remember that day, but I simply knew he would be a good basketball player, but as for the heights he would reach, no one knew at the time.”

“He started growing, in height and size, and he started realizing he could be a basketball player, but he had such a great desire in those days. He would say, ‘Dad, I want to be a jockey.’ And I would say to him, ‘Son, be a basketball player first, You will become a great knight later.”

Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets - Game Three
Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets – Game Three

“I don’t think this great achievement can be repeated again.” Nikola Jokic’s father

As Nikola Jokic’s father admitted during the interview, his son wasn’t exactly the fittest kid growing up. Due to the fact that Jokic comes from Serbia, a small Balkan country of more than 6 million people, Nikola Jokic’s father does not believe that a feat like this will happen again.

From misfit toddler to last pick in the draft, to two-time MVP and now NBA Champion, Jokic’s story is something straight out of a movie. Despite the cinematic ending with confetti falling from the ceiling while he’s partying with his wife, daughter, siblings, and teammates, Jokic can’t wait to get home.

2023 NBA Finals - Game One
2023 NBA Finals – Game One

(Redding suggested: Nine victims were injured in a shooting during a Denver Nuggets celebration)

After the match, while talking to the sideline reporter present for the evening, Jokic states that the job is done, and he is now ready to go home. As he learned during the post-game press conference, with the Denver Nuggets parade on Thursday, he’ll have to wait a little bit.

Fortunately for the Finals MVP, as the postgame crew pointed out, team owner Stanley Kroenke will likely let him use the team plane to fly home afterward. Despite his NBA championship, Jokic is anxious to get home for Sunday’s horse racing event.

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