Pictured here is a six-lane road in a busy area of ​​Beijing near Sanyuan Qiao on April 15, 2023.

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Beijing – Chinese electric car brand Xpeng On Thursday, it announced that it had received approval to begin rolling out assistive driving technology to users in the capital, Beijing.

Initial coverage includes only “ring” highways that run in concentric circles around the city center and “high-speed major roads,” according to CNBC’s translation of the Chinese-language statement.

It was not immediately clear when the driver assistance technology could be used on all of Beijing’s city streets.

Thursday’s announcement follows Xpeng’s launch of its driver-assistance technology for urban scenario users in Shanghai in March, following early rollouts in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Xpeng said it plans to roll out the technology, called XNGP, to other Chinese cities this year. The system, which is available to drivers of certain models for a fee, claims to make driving easier with software that assists with smooth braking at traffic lights, cornering at junctions and other tasks on city streets.

Xpeng is the only automaker in China that offers a similar level of driver assistance technology as Tesla. While Tesla offers assistive driving technology for highway use, the “full self-driving” functionality to assist the driver on city streets is not yet available in China.

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China’s electric vehicle brands have made increasing plans for driver-assistance technology a selling point.

Xpeng claimed during its recent earnings call that its driver-assistance technology has generated significant interest from customers in the cities where it could operate. The brand’s monthly deliveries have generally lagged behind its competitors.


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