Pune’s wait for this year’s monsoon is getting a bit longer with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasting it to arrive in the city between June 18 and June 22. However, Dr Anupam Kashyapi, the department’s chief weather forecaster, added that the monsoon season will progress slowly, with the northern Maharashtra and Vidharpa regions of the state waiting longer than usual.

The monsoon’s progress has been slow since it appeared over Kerala on June 4. She reached Ratnagiri in Maharashtra on 8 June and 9 June against her expected arrival date – 5 June.

Cyclone Biparjoy is a very “severe cyclonic storm” that I started to make a comeback On the coast of Gujarat on Thursday evening is the main reason for the interruption of the monsoon. So far, India has reported a rainfall deficit of 51 percent. Against the normal 62.1mm of rain that India is supposed to receive, it has received only 30.6mm of rain this season. Central parts of India, which make up Maharashtra and other states, experienced 73 percent rainfall deficit – the highest in the country.

Kashyappi, speaking to reporters in Pune, said conditions have become favorable for further advance of the southwest monsoon over some parts of the southern peninsula, eastern parts of India and adjoining areas between June 18 and June 21. Establishment or reinforcement over the Arabian Sea, from Maharashtra to the coast of Kerala, which is very likely to support the Arabian Sea branch of the monsoon currents in the coming days. Hence, conditions will be favorable for further advance of the southwest monsoon over more districts of Maharashtra including Pune, Mumbai during the period from June 18 to 22. However, the advance of monsoons on the north of our state and Vidarbha will take more time.

The weak advance of the monsoon has caused concern to both the rural and urban areas of Maharashtra. Urban water supplies will be affected in parts of the city, while agriculture is likely to see a halt. If the rains are delayed further, the state is also expected to experience water outages.


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