Elly de la Cruz has been in the majors for about a week now and he’s already making an impact on the team. They moved up the rankings thanks in part to his electric play. He’s also developing a fan base. Everyone loves the possibility that they can hit 470 feet home and triple in 10 seconds.

This obviously includes NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Super Bowl champion isn’t from nor does he play for Cincinnati, but he’s a huge de la Cruz fan. He even requested a signed bat and ball. Ascendant is bound.

The Reds rookie needed a little nudge, but eventually gave in and signed him with his self-proclaimed moniker, said Jim Day, a Bally Sports correspondent in Ohio:

“From some prompting from some of his teammates, he (De La Cruz) actually signed the inscription, ‘Fastest Man in the World,’ with his signature. So Mahomes got those two items.”

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De la Cruz certainly has a case for one of the fastest people out there. His ability to run the bases is amazing, even for other star sports. Mahomes, being a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, is a de facto fan of the Kansas City Royals, but even he is fascinated by the Reds phenomenon.

Patrick Mahomes loves Elly de la Cruz

The NFL MVP knows a thing or two about baseball, too. He grew up playing sports and could have walked that path. His father was an MLB player and he believes his time in the league helped him become the player he is now:

“Being in a club and seeing how guys like A-Rod and Jeter go about their business, how hard they work before and after games, even if they had great games the night before, let him know how hard that work is to get there and to be one of the best. And then To stay there, you have to work harder.”

Patrick Mahomes loves baseball and Eli de la Cruz
Patrick Mahomes loves baseball and Eli de la Cruz

He chose to go the NFL route and that might have been the best decision, but his background means he knows the sport of baseball and loves Eli de la Cruz.

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