Playing feisty gangster Bholi Punjapan in Fukrey was a big deal, says Richa Chadha, who not only created a likable character but also met her future husband, Ali Fazal, during the making of it.

The comedy, which completes a decade this month, told the story of four friends, Honey (Pulkit Samrat), Shusha (Varun Sharma), Laali (Manjut Singh) and Zafar (Ali Fazal), whose plan to make easy money fails. When they met Holi Punjapan.

“It’s so wonderful that a character like this was written for a woman. I’m so lucky… When I got the movie, I was blown away. It was a big deal for me because I didn’t do a so-called (film) commercial.”

“This character is in some ways so inclusive that it often outshines my own in real life. He’s so creative and strong and different. It wasn’t easy for me to slip into this. Bholi is a narcissist. When children or women respond to this character, it’s Very useful.”

Directed by Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, the film and its sequel to 2017’s Fukrey Returns was produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment. The third movie in the series will be released on December 1.

The 36-year-old actress won critical recognition for her performance in Oh Lucky! Oi lucky! and Gangs of Wasseypur before boarding this project.

“Gangs of Wasseypur is a different world. From there to walking into one of the offices and seeing the Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya posters, it felt so sweet,” Chadha said, recalling her visit to the Excel Entertainment office.

She said the writers deserved credit for giving the actors “such well-crafted characters”. Fokry’s triumph is scripted. These guys (the writers) made a world, and every character is well defined.

After working on three parts of the Fukrey franchise, Richa Chadha said the cast involved in it have become like family.

“I loved every moment of working on this movie, this production house and with this team. It doesn’t feel like a group of actors involved, it feels like family. We’re not awkward around each other. There’s no filter and we’ve bonded so well. This He’s the closest to any group of actors.”

Shatha, who married Fikry star Ali Fadl last year, said the film introduced her to the love of her life.

Merry to Shady is gay (I got married). This was the starting point. We had to hang out and get to know each other in groups. But the credit has to go to my fellow stars.

“Just as Manjutt was juvenile, Varun was very focused, and Pulkit only talked about fitness, so only Ali was left to talk to him,” she joked.

Ali Fadl expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play one of the main roles in the film, which completely changed his life.

“(It was) my first time in a movie that gave us this painting. Being part of a movie, in a lead character for all of us, that’s what it feels like. The characters become unforgettable, and that’s one of the reasons we’re celebrating ten years of film. Otherwise, We were going to post something (on social media).”It changed our lives,” he said.

The Fukrey franchise also features Pankaj Tripathi, Priya Anand, and Vishakha Singh.


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