Pokemon GO’s Solstice Horizons event will take place from June 16, 2023 to June 25, 2023. It will have different pocket monster models depending on the time of day. Among these returning creatures is Fomantis, whose luminous form can also be discovered for the first time in the game. While catching him to refresh his Pokedex or crash luminosity is one thing, players may also be curious about his fighting abilities.

Honestly, Fomantis isn’t as great for fighting compared to its advanced Lurantis formula, but some trainers may decide to use it regardless. If this is the case, players will want to use the creature’s optimal movesets in PvE or PvP to compensate for its largely paltry IV stat.

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What is Fomantis’ best moveset for Pokemon GO PvE?

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As mentioned earlier, Fomantis isn’t exactly ideal for Pokemon GO battles in their pre-evolved state. She simply does not have the stats to compete with, and this applies even to PvE battles. However, trainers can ostensibly use them for limited action in low-level raids or against Team GO Rocket grunts, though there are many better options out there.

Regardless, players using Fomantis will want to use Grass-type moves in their PvE moveset because coaches will often know what opponents they’re up against. Fortunately, Fomantis has some quality options with the Razor Leaf for its fast move and either the Grass Knot, Energy Ball or Leaf Blade for its charged move.

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Although Fomantis has access to three Grass-type charged moves in Pokemon GO, the Grass Knot offers the best value when the damage per second and damage per HP numbers are considered.

Recommended by Fomantis PvE Moveset Shaving paper and knotweed

What is Fomantis’ best moveset in Pokemon GO PvP?

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While Fomantis doesn’t stand much of a chance in traditional GO Battle League modes, specialized cups can occasionally shake things up. Some of the formats that arrive periodically impose limits on productivity or items that can actually greatly improve Fomantis’ survivability in a PvP battle.

That being said, Fomantis needs some sort of extra coverage to compete in PvP. He can still stick Grass-type moves for damage, but his lower durability requires him to use faster quick moves with more reliable power generation. In this way, Fomantis can release her charged moves more often.

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As for Charged Moves, unfortunately, Fomantis only has Grass-type options available in the game at the moment. Grass Knot can still apply due to its damage, but Fomantis may also need a Charged Move option that is cheaper in terms of energy so that it can be fired more often before it faints.

In this context, trainers may want to consider catching a second charged move in the form of Leaf Blade. It certainly doesn’t deal Grass Knot damage, but it comes with a cost of 70 energy compared to 90.

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With a quick Bug move and a couple of Grass-type charged moves, Fomantis will have all the kind of coverage you could use at this point in a mobile title.

Recommended PvP Moveset for Fomantis – Chafing cutter, grass knot, and leaf blade.

Keep in mind that Pokemon GO is a game that is constantly being updated and modified. In light of this, any recommended moveset is not fixed, and coaches must be willing to vary it according to their own requirements and those of the meta they put Fomantis into.

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