BEIJING: Chinese leader Xi Jinping said the United States and China can cooperate to “benefit our two countries” in a meeting Friday with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ahead of the US secretary of state’s visit. Anthony Blink At the time of strained relationships.
State broadcaster CCTV showed Xi said he was happy to see Gates, whom he called an “old friend”, after three years without meeting during the pandemic.
“I believe the foundation of China-US relations lies in the people,” Xi told Gates. “With the current global situation, we can carry out various activities that benefit our countries, the people of our countries, and the entire human race.”
Xi gave no details but stressed the potential benefits of cooperation that has been hampered by disagreements over human rights, Taiwan, security and technology. Gates told Xi that he was “very honored” to meet Xi.
The visits of foreign business leaders coincided with efforts by the ruling Communist Party to revive investor interest in China’s slowing economy. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China in March.
Despite his optimistic statements, Xi accused Washington in March of trying to stifle China’s development by restricting access to US microchips and other technology.
Tensions between the US and China have worsened in recent years, but more recently the two sides have held talks on trade and other issues. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected in China on Sunday for a two-day visit.
He will be the first foreign minister to visit China since 2018 and is expected to meet with Foreign Minister Chen Gang and possibly Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to US officials.
On Thursday, the Gates Foundation pledged $50 million to boost the capacity of the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute to develop drugs to combat diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.
The institute was jointly established by the Gates Foundation, Tsinghua University and the Beijing Municipal Government.
Gates’ most recent trip to China was in 2019, where he met First Lady Peng Liyuan to discuss the Gates Foundation’s HIV/AIDS prevention efforts.


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