Cyclone Biparjoy (pronounced ‘Biporjoy’, which means ‘disaster’ in Bengali) left a trail of destruction in Kutch and Saurashtra districts of Gujarat as it moved towards Rajasthan on Friday. The cyclone moved northeast after touchdown along the Saurashtra-Kutch coastline near Jakhau weakened into a cyclonic storm, and is expected to become a deep depression over southern Rajasthan around midnight today.

However, Biparjoy in its course left more than 1,000 villages without electricity with hundreds of electric poles damaged, while many coastal villages were flooded by incoming sea waters and heavy rains ensued.

According to the latest reports, the eye of the cyclone is still near Dholavira in Gujarat with wind speeds of 80-90 kmph.

Top 10 Cyclone Biparjoy Points:

▶The cyclone is weakening and moving over Barmer, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Sirohi, Jodhpur, Bali in Rajasthan and nearby places where the Indian Meteorological Department has issued an ‘Orange Alert’ predicting heavy to very heavy rains till Saturday.

The cyclonic storm destroyed thousands of power poles, knocking out power in 4,600 villages in Gujarat, even as authorities asserted that there was no loss of life due to Bibarjoy. Electricity supplies have been restored to 3,580 villages, while more than 1,000 are reported to still be without electricity.

▶ In the midst of the tense moments, the authorities have evacuated residents from the coastal areas of Gujarat as a precautionary measure. Despite strong winds and heavy rain, a total of 709 pregnant women were successfully rescued and taken to hospitals. Two children were even put inside the ‘108’ state government ambulances.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) reported two casualties prior to the hurricane’s arrival. A father and son cattle breeding duo died while trying to rescue their trapped goats from a flooded ravine in Bhavnagar district on the same day. A woman also died in a separate accident when a wall collapsed in Dhaniyavi village in Vadodara taluk due to strong winds.

▶ With Cyclone Biparjoy ‘landing’ in Gujarat, Western Railway (WR) train schedules have been hit with cancellation or partial operation of about 180 services in the Gujarat sector, “With this, 100 trains have been cancelled, 40 trains were short- said Sumit Thakur, Head of Relations The General of the Western Railroad said, “The work was terminated, while 40 short-term trains were terminated as a precaution, due to the safety of passengers and train operations, due to Typhoon Pebargui.”

Gujarat state government has deployed more than 200 teams in Gir forest and Kutch district to respond to emergencies involving Asiatic lions and other wild animals during Cyclone Peparjoy, an official said on Friday. The official said that one of the teams rescued two lion cubs who had fallen into an open well in Jasadar area in Gir East district during the cyclone on Thursday night.

▶ NDRF teams are deployed in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka. “As the storm weakens and turns into a deep depression, it is likely to rain over southern Rajasthan. At the request of the Rajasthan government, we have sent a team to Jalore. Apart from this, we have four teams spread in Karnataka and five teams in Maharashtra,” said Atul Karwal. Directorate General of National Defense.

A gust of wind provided a gushing shower providing much-needed support to the national capital that had been teetering under sweltering heat for several days. The pre-monsoon rains came under the influence of Cyclone Pebarjoy and active westerly disturbance over the northwest Himalayan region, inundating low-lying areas of the city and disrupting traffic.

The remnants of Cyclone Pebarjoy are expected to bring rains to parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh from Sunday and help the monsoon advance over eastern India currently in the grip of a sweltering heat wave, meteorologists said on Friday. The progression of the monsoon has been slow since 11 May in the absence of any weather system over the Bay of Bengal. They said Cyclone Pebarjoy affected the southwest monsoon current, and its remnants are likely to move northeast and cause rains in central and eastern Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

▶ Meanwhile, Pakistan was largely spared the full impact of Pebargui as it weakened into a cyclonic storm on Friday after making landfall in Gujarat. People in coastal Sindh regions, who left their homes amid the threat of a cyclone and a warning of monsoon rains, are now returning.

(With input from PTI and IANS)


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