Have you ever watched a movie about superheroes and felt a strange sense of déjà vu? This is the feeling many of us may have with DC’s latest projects, the light. As if stuck in an infinite narrative loop, our beloved superheroes are constantly repackaged and retold with only slight differences.

The phenomenon reflects a broader evolution in the superhero genre, which has been encapsulated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its rival, the DC Extended Universe (supported by Warner Bros.), as they journey into the multiverse concept.

Delving into the multiverse feels like a silent admission of fatigue in the traditional superhero narrative. It serves as a sanctuary where creators can play with established conventions, breathe new life into old stories, and pay homage to past iterations — all in the name of modernity.

But the danger lurks in the shadows. It may be a complex mechanism for reformulating old ideas rather than creating new ones.

Disclaimer: An upcoming article may reveal crucial plot details from The Flash.

the light And DC’s Multiverse adventure: fast-paced and fiercely familiar

Barry Allen races through the multiverse, weaving a familiar and delightful web of superhero stories (Image via Warner Bros.)
Barry Allen races through the multiverse, weaving a familiar and delightful web of superhero stories (Image via Warner Bros.)

The intricacies of the multiverse concept have been revealed in DC’s latest projects, the lighta film besieged by troubled productions and a lead cast, Ezra Miller, mired in controversy.

As the epic story unfolds off-screen, Warner Bros. has revealed an ambitious plan to completely reinvent their roster of superheroes, entrusting the task to the rebellious and brilliant mind of James Gunn, best known for his work on Marvel’s. Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite the promises of a novelty of the Multiverse, the film remains grounded in the stark reality that its main character is a man in a red suit with extraordinary speed.

First DCEU movie: Man of Steel (June 14, 2013) Last DCEU movie: The Flash (June 16, 2023) The end of an era ❤️

This superhero’s alter-ego, Barry Allen, finds himself stuck in a mundane day job, eating copious amounts of junk food to maintain his brisk metabolism and fulfill his obligations as a superhero, albeit devoid of any apparent joy.

Drawn as a world-weary, cynical figure, Barry embodies a personality reminiscent of John Cusack mixed with the snarky David Sedaris. His story, marred by the tragic murder of his mother and the wrongful imprisonment of his father, forms a somber narrative stream, a far cry from the traditionally lighthearted tone of superhero action films.

The plot takes a noticeable turn when Barry harnesses his speed to rewrite his tragic past, plunging him into a parallel multiverse. His exploits in this alternate universe are mainly spent interacting with a younger, more relaxed version of himself.

A fascinating twist in the multiverse saga comes in the form of Michael Keaton’s Batman, a veteran superhero whose layered portrayal lends the film a complexity and depth it would struggle to achieve otherwise. His appearances and brief guest spots offer a nostalgic return to the genre’s past, furthering the film’s self-contained narrative.

34 years after he first played Batman on the big screen, Michael Keaton returned to the role (and the big screen) this week. New DC Joint in Theaters! Who will go? #the light

However, an overarching question still remains: Is it the light A conscious metaphor for Hollywood’s constant recycling of old material and Warner’s constant, unfulfilled attempts to compete with the Marvel Universe?

The film’s periodic attempts to patch the universe evoke a sense of déjà vu, leaving one pondering whether this iteration, under the direction of James Gunn, will chart a different course. Despite its inherent repetition and off-screen controversies, the film strikes an interesting balance between action and emotional depth.

By delving into Barry’s grief over his mother’s death, the film provides a believable motivation for his time-traveling endeavors and introduces an emotional element that sets him apart from his superhero peers.

While the Multiverse offers a potential respite from the creativity bottleneck in superhero narratives, the Multiverse also risks becoming a stale path, offering reworked stories with a new aesthetic.

like the light Races into cinemas, the future will reveal if this multiverse gamble will spur a new wave of superhero storytelling or simply repackage the tried and tested narratives.

the light It is now showing in theaters.

Rating: 3.5/5

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