Devender Kumar, a 20-year-old street vendor from Sardulgarh constituency in Mansa district, has emerged as the lucky winner of the Rs 1 crore lottery. Buying a Rs 6 ticket from Nagaland Dear Lotteries, Devinder’s is unexpected
The windfall brought joy to his family. His father, Bhola Ram, who is in his fifties, works as a lottery agent.

The family is shocked on June 13 when they discover that they have misplaced their lottery ticket. After an extensive search of their home, they eventually realize that some papers in a black boleg bag had been discarded in the garbage. Determined to get the ticket back, they roamed the dump tirelessly throughout the night. In the end, their efforts pay off when they find the black bag containing the precious lottery ticket, as revealed by their neighbor JS Arora.

And the family celebrated the happy turn of events Thursday, expressing a collective sigh of relief. Bhola Ram shared their plans, saying, “We will organize a langar to provide meals to the needy with this money.” the
The family has since deposited the necessary documents at the lottery company’s Ludhiana office and has been informed that the money will be credited to their account within three months.

Bola Ram, who was selling lotteries himself, commented on their wonderful stroke of luck, saying, “Sometimes lotteries bring luck, as it did in our case.” Paula, father of two sons and two daughters,
He stated that both daughters are married and the sons are single. Devinder works as a peddler and also helps out in a bicycle repair shop, while Paula’s eldest son is involved in selling fruit. We expect eagerly
With the arrival of the prize money, Bhola Ram expressed the excitement of the family.


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