More than two dozen properties allegedly used for drug dealing have been sealed off by the Delhi Municipal Corporation and are now slated for demolition.

Actions are taken against these in line with Lieutenant Governor Veena Kumar Saxena directs to establish a zero tolerance policy Against drug trafficking in the capital, LG House officials said.

“This move is intended to send a strict message against drug trafficking in the city and deter drug mafia from indulging in such business,” LG House officials said, adding that this is the first such development in Delhi regarding such cases.

Saxena, at the National Statewide Drug Control Coordinating Committee (NCORD) meeting on April 27, had directed the concerned agencies to close down properties or buildings that are being used for drug trafficking and initiate demolition procedures.

After a crackdown by the Delhi Police against drug peddlers in the city, according to LG House officials, 25 properties allegedly used for peddling have been identified.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense closed the property on the recommendation of the Delhi Police; 24 of these buildings are residential and are conveniently used by drug dealers without arousing any suspicions, officials said.

They added, “Of the 25 properties, seven are closed in the Shahdara (Northern) civil district and four each in the Central and Narela districts.”

Apart from closing these properties, LG also directed the Department of Transportation to take necessary provisions to revoke the permit of vehicles involved in drug trafficking.


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