Love is a deep and transformative emotion that transcends boundaries and connects hearts. What makes this feeling special is that each person experiences it differently. In a recent interaction with Bombay peopleActor Naseeruddin Shah opened his idea for love. “There is a saying: Follow love and it will flee. Run away from love and it will follow you. This is my view of love,” he said to Karisma Mehta.

He added, “It’s nothing mysterious. It’s not a cloud that comes into a room and pours rain on you when you say, ‘I love you.’ Love is made up of several factors – friendship, CompatibilityAppreciating each other and wanting to help each other. I think those are the ingredients of love.”

As such, what happened when Naseeruddin met his wife, artist Ratna Pathak Shah? “I just picked her up the moment I saw her,” he said, adding that he first met her in 1975 when he had just come to Mumbai from Pune. “I had already done my first film when I was still in Film Institute. We were introduced because she was acting in a play that Satyadev Dubey was directing. I just felt that I would like to know this person.”

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During the rehearsal process, the duo got to know each other. “I think she also loved what she saw. It was a great blessing because we stood by each other through thick and thin. You stood by me through thick and thin, through very difficult times, and through very good times. I think the main reason for that was because we stayed friends – This is the most important thing, ”said the actor.

In courting Ratna for nearly seven years before tying the knot, he revealed that her parents were against the alliance. Her parents were against it because I was married before and I was a drug addict. I was a bad-tempered guy and all that kind of stuff. But she didn’t heed any of that. In between, she went to drama school for three years. But we were practically living together. So when she moved in with me, it was like the most normal thing in the world.”

According to Naseeruddin, love should not change between two lovers who pass into a husband-wife. “Sure, it shouldn’t. That’s the mistake people make — when they get married, they start taking each other for granted. I think it’s great.” marriage It is one where no one’s role is defined. Same with friendship. One should not have any expectations of the person you consider your friend. So whatever he does is fine with you. So we had this kind of relationship where I wasn’t the mistress of the house and she wasn’t the housekeeper,” he said, noting that he was involved in taking care of the house and the kids.

However, he does not like to cook, as it does not interest him. “I do love eating though. But that’s the one department where I think it didn’t help. Other than that, if you approach each day thinking ‘today I’m going to find out more about this person’ instead of imagining ‘I know everything about this person,'” You get married, but it doesn’t. You find a lot when you actually live together. That’s what keeps you going relationship So vivid and lively that you never assume you know everything about the other person.”

Furthermore, the actor’s latest find out about his wife is that she is an “awesome” comedian! “It’s not what I expected. I thought she’s going to be a drama actress and she’s very good at drama too. But she really surprised me. I really loved this latest series of her series titled Happy Family.”

However, not only her comic skills, Naseeruddin is also in awe of Ratna’s organizational skills. “She takes care of our theater company, its logistics. I take care of the creative side. She has a double burden because she has to act too,” he said, adding that her sense of humor is fun.

The actor further revealed that his actress wife is a self-sacrificing person. “She would think first of others. This is a rare quality. She would think first of others and then of herself.”

Opening up about his equation with his children, he said that he did not want it to be like the relationship he shared with his father. “I wanted to be their friend. I want them to be able to give me a hug when they feel like it and slap me on the back when they feel like it,” he said, adding that though, it didn’t really turn out that way and he didn’t know why.

I tried so hard not to make the same mistakes my dad did. But I enjoy their company and they enjoy ours too. So, this is a very encouraging sign. I don’t know many children who spend New Year’s Eve or Diwali with their parents. Our kids do. that’s awesome. At least we did something right.”

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