Delhi Police has arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the murder of a woman in Jaffrabad, north-east Delhi on June 8.

The police identified the arrested suspect as Azmael Ansari, 20, from North Gounda. According to the police, two of the victim’s nephews, Shamima Begum, hired Ansari and two others to kill her to avoid repaying the money they had borrowed from her. Police said the victim’s nephews Zahid and Shahid and the two co-defendants, Nazim and Ranjit, fled.

Special CP (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said they visited the crime scene and analyzed CCTV footage around the place. On the day of the crime, five unknown men were seen coming towards the victim’s house, and it was revealed that not all of them were residents of the vicinity.

The police said that they had received confidential information that a man seen in the CCTV footage was present in the Nur El-Ilahi area with a new haircut and a deceptive look. They raided the place immediately to arrest Ansari.

Al-Ansari revealed, during his interrogation, that the twins, Zahed and Shahid, live in the house of their aunt, Shamima Begum. “They borrowed 10,000 rupees from the victim and delayed the payment under various pretexts. Eventually, Shamima started humiliating them in the name of the borrowed money when they expressed their inability to repay,” the police said.

Zahed and Shahid plotted to kill their aunt and cub in Ansari, Nazim and Ranjit. They decided that Shahid would stay with one of their sisters and that Al-Zahid would stay in the place to mislead the police. The ascetic also asked the accused to beat him during the quarrel to escape scrutiny.


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