Max Verstappen feels one of the main reasons Red Bull didn’t dominate in Canada as well as at other tracks was because of the conditions. This season, the Austrian team has won every race and has been doing comfortably. The race in Canada wasn’t too different as Max won again without too much of a challenge.

Having said that, while the challenge wasn’t really there, there was no denying that the car wasn’t dominant. Unlike the 20-30 second gap from the chase pack that Max Verstappen pulled for fun, that wasn’t the case this time around. This time we had a gap of less than 15 seconds covering the final podium.

As reported by motorsport.com, Max Verstappen has revealed that one of the reasons behind Red Bull’s lack of dominance is cooler temperatures. The low temperatures meant generating tire temperatures in the tires would be difficult and that worked against Red Bull. Max said:

“We changed the car a bit compared to Friday, so I didn’t really know how it was going to feel today, but luckily it went in the right direction. I think it was very difficult today to keep the tires in the right window. They were always running very cold, so we had to in Actually pressing hard on the frame.

he added:

“With low grip, it wasn’t the easiest and most direct. But everything worked fine. Maybe the hard tire was just a bit of a limitation because of the stiffer compound, so it was harder to maintain tire temperatures.”

Winning the race with a 10-second advantage is a positive: Max Verstappen

Looking at the race, Verstappen was quite positive with the result as he felt that despite the car not being in the window, the team could win the race by that margin. He said:

“I think we know our car is usually very good when the temperature is high compared to other cars. Today I probably needed a car that was a little bit harder on the tire to keep the temperatures in. We probably didn’t have the best race today. But winning by nine seconds I think is It shows we have a great car.”

Max Verstappen now leads the championship by 69 points as he heads into Austria, a track as good as the stadium for Red Bull and its fans. The driver is hoping to continue his streak in a place where he was very dominant in the past.

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