Detailing the measures it has taken to tackle the menace of livestock in the city, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police told the Gujarat High Court on Thursday that after government officials were prevented from catching and seizing stray cattle several times, instructions were issued to record the stray FIR against such “militants for obstructing the work of public officials”. To date, 12 FIRs have been submitted in this regard.

In an affidavit, Deputy Commissioner of Ahmedabad City Police (Traffic Department) Baldevsinha Vaghela added that while eight hotspots have been identified as stray cattle are abundant, nine have been designated as ‘livestock accident prone areas’ – three of which are on the highway. SG.

The affidavit also listed eight areas that had been declared as “livestock-free” or “livestock-free zone”, such as Cantonment District, Airport Circle, Gandhi Bridge to Delhi Darwaja and Prem Darwaja to Kalupur Railway Station, among others.
Addressing parking issues in the city, the affidavit said that cases are regularly registered for unauthorized parking and more than Rs 1 crore were recovered as punishment between January 1, 2022 and April 29 this year.

The affidavit added that for towing unauthorized parking lots, the traffic department is “well-equipped with 16 tow trucks.” The department has recalled more than 24,000 vehicles from January 1, 2022 to April 29 this year, recovering more than Rs 1.47 crore in towing fees.

The affidavit was filed in connection with the petition for contempt of the Supreme Court alleging willful disobedience in carrying out its previous orders regarding the maintenance of road and smooth traffic conditions, and the handling of endangered livestock and parking issues.

Last week, the court requested details from the state government about the steps it had taken to address the threat to the livestock. The bench also requested details from the state about the efforts it has taken to ensure there are enough parking spaces. The matter is now due to be heard after the summer break in June.


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