Days after NCP leader Sharad Pawar announced his resignation From the party’s highest office, the veteran leader withdrew his decision on Friday, saying he could not respect people’s emotions.

This came Hours after the 18-member panel convened Appointed to decide the future of the NCP unanimously rejected Pawar’s resignation. The committee passed a unanimous decision. It says that the resignation of NCP President and Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Pawar was rejected unanimously. Senior party leader and committee member Praful Patil said he recommends that Sharad Pawar should remain in office as the party’s president.

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In a press conference, he said, “While publishing my CV, I announced my retirement from the post of NCP President. After 63 years in public life, I wanted to be free from all responsibilities. However, my decision did not sit well with people and a strong reaction was seen. It was workers The NCP, the office holders, the people are unhappy. They asked me to reconsider my decision. They appealed to me for the same. Leaders from various political parties across the state and country also asked me to continue to lead the party.”

Pawar added, “I cannot be disrespectful to people’s feelings. Your love has made me emotional. I have been informed of the decision of the NCP Senior Leaders Committee and I respect it. As such, I am withdrawing my decision to resign from the position.”

However, the NCP chairman said that although he would continue his responsibilities, his main focus now would be to create new leadership and hand over new responsibilities to them.


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