New York: A video of the sworn testimony given by former President Donald Trump in a US rape and defamation case against him, was released on Friday.
The footage, some of which was broadcast in court this week, shows trump He was asked about his infamous comments in the leaked “Access Hollywood” tape before the 2016 election.
Trump says during the deposition taped in October 2022 that his comments that celebrities have a license to sexually assault women were “historically” true for the last million years.
“I think that’s been largely true. Not always, but it’s pretty much true. Unfortunately or fortunately,” Trump said under cross-examination by the defendant’s attorney, E. Jean Carroll.
“Do you consider yourself a star?” asks attorney Roberta Kaplan. Trump replies, “I guess you could say that, yeah.”
The video also shows Trump mistaking Carroll for his ex-wife Marla Maples in an old photo.
“It’s very blurry,” Trump says, after his attorney points out his mistake.
Trump repeats his claim that he does not know who Carol is and repeats several times that she is “not my type”.
Members of the press petitioned the judge presiding over the civil trial to release the video, which ruled that it was up to the parties.
Carroll sued Trump last year alleging he raped her in a New York department store in the mid-1990s.
She also claims that he slandered her when he accused her of lying after she went public with the allegations in 2019.
Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations and has not been criminally prosecuted for them.
Carroll’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for psychological trauma and other damages and asks Trump to retract his comments.
Attorneys for both sides rested from their case on Thursday and the nine-person jury is expected to reach a verdict next week.
The case is one of several legal challenges facing Trump, as the 76-year-old Republican seeks a return to the White House in next year’s election.
Last month, he pleaded not guilty to a criminal case involving hush money payments to a porn star ahead of the 2016 vote.
Trump is also under investigation regarding his efforts to overturn his loss in the 2020 election in the southern state of Georgia, his alleged mishandling of classified documents taken from the White House and his involvement in the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.


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