Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday said an investigation would be conducted to find out the authenticity of the audio recording related to the alleged plot to kill Congress President M Mallikarjun Kharg and his family.

He told reporters here, β€œI don’t know about the sound. That will be investigated. We will take it seriously and investigate.”

Bommai was responding to the accusation of Congress General Secretary and Karnataka official Randeep Singh Surjwala, who alleged that an assassination plot had been hatched to “eliminate” Karg, his wife and entire family by a BJP candidate, Surjwala also shared an alleged audio recording of a BJP candidate from Chittapur constituency in Kalapuragi District Manikanta Rathod, where he is alleged to have said in Kannada that he would wipe out “out, his wife and children”.

Rathod rejected the accusations outright and said, β€œIt is all a lie. They are playing some fake votes. Congress is making baseless allegations for fear of defeat.”


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