The Supreme Court on Monday will hear a range of arguments over the status of Manipur, including a suit by a BJP MLA challenging a High Court order on the issue of Scheduled Tribe Status of a Meitei community and a PIL by a tribal congregation for a SIT investigation into the violence that has rocked the northeastern state. last week.

The matter is scheduled to be heard by a bench of Justice D. Y. Chandrachod and Justices BS Narashima and JP Pardiwala.

Clashes between Metis and tribes started in Churachandpur district last Wednesday. The tribes oppose the reservation on the Meiteis following the Manipur High Court order on March 27 which asked the state government to send a recommendation to the center within four weeks on the Meitei community’s application for ST status.

Dinganglung Gangmei, BJP MLA and Chairman of the Hill District Commission (HAC) of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, asserted in his appeal that “the proceedings before the Supreme Court were nullified due to failure to make the HAC a party” and that the order issued by the HC and led to violence between the two communities.

“Even if directions were to be given, they could not have been given without HAC being notified and HAC heard,” said the Legal Aid Act, which has challenged various orders, including contempt notices, by the relevant Supreme Court.

He said the order by the Human Rights Council had led to tension between the two communities and violent clashes had broken out across the state. “As a result of this so far, 19 tribal members have been killed, various places in the states have been blocked, the internet has been completely shut down, and more people are at risk of losing their lives,” the appeal read.

Meiteis account for about 53 percent of the population of Manipur and most of them live in the Imphal Valley. Tribes – Nagas and Kukis – make up another 40 percent of the population and live mostly in the hill regions.

The Political Impeachment Act introduced by NGO ‘Manipur Tribal Forum’, through Advocate Satya Mitra, said it moved the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Constitution due to the extreme situation created by the attacks on the tribal community in Manipur by the ‘dominant group’.

It claimed that “these attacks have the full support of the ruling party… which supports the dominant group” and requested directions to the Center and Manipur to evacuate the Manipuri tribesmen who had fled from their villages.

The tribal group’s Political Isolation Act alleged that the attacks began on May 3 and that several churches and hospitals suffered damage when gangs broke out, burning homes, vehicles, and businesses belonging to the tribes.

It claimed that 30 tribesmen were killed and 132 injured but that “the FIR is not registered and no investigation is taking place”.

The PIA sought directions to the Center and State Government to deploy Central Forces to protect all churches and places of worship of Tribal/Christians in Manipur with immediate effect.

He urged that a team of professionals be put together to conduct an investigation of the destroyed villages and make an assessment of the damage. It also demanded that compensation be paid to the victims and that buildings, including churches, be rebuilt.

“A prayer clause has been drawn up for the appointment of former DGP Assam (Harekrishna Deka) as Head of SIT Investigation and Prosecution and with a mandate to form a team of his choice of police and other support secretarial staff so that final reports are prepared expeditiously.

The appeal filed by Jangmi against the March 27 order of the Manipur High Court said that three fundamental errors were made in the ruling which includes directing the state to make a recommendation to the central government to include the Mitte community as a scheduled tribe in the presidency. existing.

The appeal stated, “The second error is the conclusion that the Meiteis family inclusion case has been pending for nearly 10 years and the third error is the conclusion that the Meiteis are tribal.”

The appeal said that the Meitei community is not a tribe and has not been recognized as a tribe, and it is quite a developed community although some of them may be within SC/OBC.

The appeal said the Supreme Court had issued an order on a writ petition filed by some members of the Meitei communities seeking direction to the state government to recommend to the Center that their community of Manipur be included in the Scheduled Tribe in the Indian Constitution as the Tribe of Manipur.

A BJP MLA appeal said that there is no recommendation from the state government to include the Meitei community in the list of Scheduled Tribes and no recommendation for such inclusion is pending before the central government.

Just because the State of Manipur has received some representation by the Meiteis does not oblige the State to do anything unless the State is satisfied first, that the Meeteis/Meiteis are tribes and second, that they deserve to be in the Scheduled Tribes list.

“No one can force the state to send such a recommendation in the absence of the state concluding that the Meeteis/Meiteis are a tribe and that they deserve to be on the list of designated tribes,” she said.

Another appeal was filed by the Chairman of the Hill District Commission challenging the May 3 order of the Supreme Court in which notices were issued to them in a contempt petition filed by members of the Mittai community.

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