ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani man has been publicly beaten to death by an angry mob for allegedly making “blasphemous” remarks during an opposition party rally in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Nigar Alam, a local cleric, was asked to address a rally organized by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Equity move (PTI) Saturday night party in Swaldhar village in Mardan where a female college student – Mishal Khan He was killed due to similar allegations by fellow students in April 2017.
Alam was murdered by hundreds of people who attended a rally by a local chapter of PTI after his alleged “death”. blasphemy remarks” as the meeting was about to end.
When we saw that the crowd was about to attack Alam, we took him to a shop in a nearby market. Rukhanzeb Khan, the chief inspector of police in Mardan, said, “But people stormed the store and started attacking it with punches, kicks and clubs.
Alam died on the spot and his body was later taken to hospital for legal procedures. The officer added, “We filed the first media report where the police themselves are the complainant, but due to the sensitivity of the matter, the FIR was closed.”
A video of the lynching went viral on social media, as police are seen trying in vain to stop a frenzied mob from beating the man.
Blasphemy is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan, and even unproven allegations can spark mob violence.
Last February, an angry mob entered a police station in Lahore, snatched the accused blasphemer from his cell and brutally killed him.
In December 2021, Sri Lankan national Priyanta Diwadadadh, who was working as a factory manager in Pakistan, was beaten to death by an angry mob over allegations of blasphemy before his body was set on fire.
International and Pakistani rights groups say blasphemy accusations are often used to intimidate religious minorities and settle personal scores. The Pakistani government has long been under pressure to change the country’s blasphemy laws, but other political forces in the country have fiercely resisted any such move.


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