Hurricane Mocha: Isolated areas on the east coast may experience moderate to heavy rains over the next three days.  (Representative photo: AFP)

Hurricane Mocha: Isolated areas on the east coast may experience moderate to heavy rains during the next three days. (Representative photo: AFP)

Cyclone Mocha Updates: Authorities in New Kolkata have equipped over 100 pumps and sandbags to increase the height of the canal banks. The Disaster Management Group (DMG) has also been put on high alert

Cyclone Mocha Updates: All police stations in Kolkata have been asked to assess the requirements for generators in case power lines are cut during a storm. The directive is part of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) developed by the Command Center established at the City Police Headquarters in Lalbazar for Cyclone Mocha.

The SOP put the Disaster Management Group (DMG) on high alert. According to a report in The telegraphAuthorities in the new town are setting up more than 100 pumps, sandbags (to increase the height of the canal banks) and teams with tools to clear tree branches from roads in preparation for the typhoon.

The report further stated that deputy commissioners in all nine divisions of the Kolkata Police have been asked to locate dilapidated buildings and arrange for additional staff to act as first responders.

The preparations come even as it was reported that Cyclone Mocha may not hit the coast of Bengal. report in Times of India It quoted sources in the meteorological department as saying that there is little chance of rain in Kolkata until Thursday.

So far, officials said, the storm appears to be moving toward the eastern range of the Gulf, affecting Myanmar and bringing only moderate thundershowers to Bengal.

If not Bengal, what areas will Cyclone Mocha affect?

The TOI report said that until Sunday, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and the Regional Meteorological Center (RMC) were unable to track the formation of the low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal to determine the path of the cyclone. However, they said it appears that Mocha may be heading towards the southern Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Deputy Director General of the Royal Military Commission, Sanjib Bandyopadhyay, was quoted as saying that a cyclonic circulation is forming over the southeastern Bay of Bengal and the adjacent southern Andaman Sea.

Bengal may experience less impact than Cyclone Mocha, but the Andaman and Nicobar Islands may see very heavy rains on May 10 and 11.

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