The Kolkata High Court on Monday refused to place a temporary stay on the previous order issued by Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay of the CBI investigation into the alleged recruitment scam in various municipalities of West Bengal.

The order was passed by the panel of Single Judge Amrita Sinha who was re-appointed by the Chief Justice T.S. Sevagnanam following direction from the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had earlier issued a temporary stay of Justice Gangopadhyay’s order to the CBI’s investigation into the alleged recruitment scam in municipalities which the Enforcement Department (ED) claimed it had found while investigating alleged irregularities in recruitment in state government-run schools.

The Supreme Court referred the case back to the Supreme Court. Also, the West Bengal government has made a fresh appeal to Judge Sinha’s bench to reconsider the order of the CBI’s investigation into alleged fraud in civil bodies.

The hearing in the case took place on Monday, where the state attorney general SN Mukherjee said that since law and order are under the state, state agencies should be given the opportunity to investigate this particular case instead of handing it over to a central agency. The ED attorney argued that because irregularities in municipal hiring had come to light during an investigation of hiring in state-run schools, the agency had reported its findings to the court.

A CBI attorney said that because the agency had already filed an FIR in the matter, the temporary stay meant it would have to start a new case. After hearing both sides, Judge Singh refused to grant temporary residence in the CBI investigation of the matter. The case will come up for hearing again on May 12 when the court is likely to deliver its ruling.

‘Not saying at this point that the accusations are true’
Also, Amrita Sinha’s Single Judge Panel on Monday noted that Trinamool Congress National Secretary General Abhishek Banerjee should cooperate in the investigation related to a letter from ousted TMC youth wing leader Kuntal Ghosh alleging central agencies are pressuring him to name him. Banerjee is involved in the alleged multi-crore recruitment scam in state-run schools in Bengal.

This was the first hearing in this case by Justice Sinha’s bench to which the case was transferred from Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay’s bench after the Supreme Court’s order last month. During the hearing, Banerjee’s lawyer argued that his client is not aware of the specific charge against him and also how his name was tagged in the case. Judge Sinha comes to know that she has informed Banerjee’s lawyer even that she has not said at this point that the charges against his client are true.

The court noted that no one is above the law and therefore Banerjee must cooperate in the investigation process. The attorney general, S.

On 28 April, the Supreme Court ordered that the pending proceedings before Justice Gangopadhyay v Abhishek Banerjee in the School Jobs case be transferred to another judge.


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