Viz Media has made an exciting reveal for manga and superhero fans alike, confirming Marvel’s imminent English release. Spider-Man: Fake Red. This eagerly awaited reveal is poised to enchant readers, promising a new dimension of exhilaration and adventure that Marvel fans have come to expect from Spider Man franchise.

The attraction of the Spider-Man universe continues its upward trajectory, buoyed by the recent record-breaking movie, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, And the intense anticipation of the next video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

In light of these successes, the popular superhero is set to make his mark in a new field – the evocative and visually immersive world of manga.

With this bold expansion, Spider-Man: Fake Red Stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the iconic web dart.

Spider-Man: Fake Red Manga – From a video game to an English version

The journey of the Spider-Man manga - from its video game inspiration to its long-awaited English-language release (Image via Viz Media)
The journey of the Spider-Man manga – from its video game inspiration to its long-awaited English-language release (Image via Viz Media)

genesis Spider-Man: Fake Red The manga is heavily associated with Marvel’s debut Spider Man video game. This manga, created by Kodansha, is an homage to the manga Spider-Man: No Way Home and Spider-Man from Marvel.

Created by the talented Yosuke Osawa, the manga offers a fresh perspective on the life of an ordinary boy who turns into the iconic Marvel hero, Spider-Man. During this transformative journey, he discovers the truth about the somewhat less glamorous superhero life.

As part of promoting the English version of Spider-Man: Fake Red, Viz Media has revealed an exciting teaser trailer that offers a sneak peek into the captivating world of this upcoming manga.

Readers eager to immerse themselves in Spider-Man’s unique story won’t have to wait long; The manga will grace bookshelves, via Viz Media, on June 13, 2023.

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Having been officially discontinued just over a year after its initial run with Kodansha, the English version is expected to include the full version. Spider-Man: Fake Red manga series.

Viz Media provided an engaging overview of the upcoming Spider-Man manga:

Meet Yu, an unremarkable high school student who struggles with academics and is devoid of a social life. His life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon one of his Spider-Man costumes in a deserted alley. At first, the excitement of putting on the costume and playing the hero is exhilarating, but the appearance of powerful enemies soon makes him He realizes the dangers that come with it. With the loss of the real Spider-Man, it falls on the inexperienced shoulders of Yu to defend the city.”

With the release date of the Spider-Man manga approaching, anticipation is mounting for this new interpretation of the Spider-Man saga. Will Yu navigate the fearsome world of superheroes and villains, and what will this mean for the city as a whole? These are the questions readers are eagerly awaiting to be answered.

Yu finds an abandoned Spider-Man costume, but when he starts playing hero while the real Spider-Man is nowhere to be found, things get dicey. Spider-Man: Fake Red releases June 13, 2023. Pre-order now: bit.ly/45K6l8M https://t.co/j9uRo93hbN

Bringing the Spider-Man universe to life with a fresh narrative and unique perspective, this manga promises to be an exciting addition to the Marvel Universe.

Remember to mark your calendar for June 13, 2023, when Spider-Man: Fake Red Swinging at bookstores near you!

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