Meerut Police in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night have arrested the wife of Nishank Garg, the 38-year-old BJP leader who was found shot dead at his home in Kaspar Bazaar area of ​​Kankarkhera district earlier in the day, and booked her on censure. Murder does not amount to murder.

Police investigations revealed that Garg, who was the head of the media wing of the ruling party in Meerut, and his wife Sophia, 32, had a violent verbal altercation at around 1 am on Saturday, after which she went to her parents’ home nearby with his wife Sophia, 32. their two minor children. According to the police, the main gate to her home was locked before she left.

Garg’s elder brother Gaurav, 41, filed a complaint at Kankerkheda Police Station, alleging that Sophia killed Garg and was taken into custody by the police.

Sophia told the police that Nishank was very drunk when the two had a verbal argument. Then he picked up a country-made gun and threatened to kill her. “The two were in a physical fight during which a bullet was fired accidentally and hit Nishank on his chest, and he died on the spot,” said SB Piyush Singh in Meerut.

A man arrested for killing his wife in Bareilly

On the other hand, Bareilly Police arrested a 35-year-old man for shooting and wounding his wife with a gunshot wound to a fruit vendor with whom his wife was suspected of having an illicit affair on Saturday.

Police said the accused, Krishna Pal, and the victim, Pooja, had an argument at their home around 3pm, and he pulled his unlicensed gun to kill her. She ran away from the house but Krishna Pal chased her and fired two shots. She died instantly. Police said Pal then reached Munna’s fruit vendor’s cart and shot him, but he escaped with injury.


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