D Ramya from Tamil Nadu scored 95% in class 12 boards while her father lay in the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

aAs her father fought for his life in the hospital, 17-year-old Dr. Ramya studied with an unwavering focus and an individual goal in mind. She wanted to do her best in the class 12 board exams and make her father proud.

A student of Government Girls’ High School in Perampur, Chennai, managed to achieve this feat without extra classes and while dealing with a personal crisis.

Two days before the board exams for Class 12, Ramya’s father, N. Dayalan, has a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital by her mother, Dee Vege, and remained in the hospital for almost the entirety of the examinations. Dayalan, who used to work as a car driver, had to reduce his travels after falling ill.

An only child, with no immediate support from her family, Ramia had to prepare for the exams while sitting alone at home. She had no one to take her to the examination center either.

“Ramia was always very diligent. She would start school at 3 am and finish only at 11 pm. We didn’t have money to send her to classes. She would look at some YouTube channels, read books, ask her teachers about her doubts. Since we are not taught, we want to Our child is studying well, ”says Vigi.

For Ramia, the joy on her parents’ faces looking at her results made all the hardships worth it.

“I made myself mentally strong and studied during those two weeks that my father was in the hospital. He is just toiling away for my future. I didn’t want to get emotional or worry or spoil my results. The hard work for several months would be useless if I didn’t study before the exams. So, I studied With one goal, to score well, it was worth it,” says Ramia.

On Monday, the scene at Ramya’s house was nothing short of a movie. Pending results, Fiji missed out. When the results appeared on the screen, Ramia woke her mother up and asked her to see the number. Seeing 572/600, Fiji did not have the words to express their excitement.

“I knew my daughter had studied hard, but I never thought she would score so well, given the circumstances. She proved what a brave girl she is. We immediately called her dad, who was out on business and told him to come home. I didn’t want to tell him on the phone Because he’s not supposed to be excited,” says Feige.

Dayalan says he forgot his illness and anxiety when he saw his daughter’s results.

A motorist's daughter bags 95% in flaps while caring for her father after a heart attack
Ramya, who scores 95% in the class 12 board exams along with her parents, Dayalan, who is an auto driver, and Viji.

“I am happy that my daughter scored so well. This is the best gift a father can get. I forgot about my illness, and my focus is now on getting her into a good college,” says Daylan.

When Dayalan and Viji married each other against their families’ wishes, they got no support from them even after all these years. He says that after Ramya’s birth, their lives and his goal is to live. A few months before the heart attack, due to increased expenses, they moved to a smaller house in another area to save on rent.

“While we don’t have the support of the family, we have made a lot of friends. My husband has been toiling day and night to provide our daughter with a good education. He will work without rest. Until the fifth grade, we were able to pay for a private school. After that, that wasn’t possible and we moved her.” to a public school,” says Feige.

Ramya now wants to pursue BCom and Chartered Accountancy next. She hopes to attend a college that offers a scholarship to ease the financial burden on her father.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)


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