Arizona Diamondbacks coach Tori Lovolo and Philadelphia Phillies catcher JT Realmoto got into an all-out shouting match as their teams vacated the seats last night. After D’Backs star Corbin Carroll was hit by a pitch for the second time, Arizona had the problem and Lovullo told Realmuto about it.

Lovullo was ejected and the whole thing resulted in a bench-clearing incident. The two teams took to the field to face each other in the aftermath.

Empty seats at the Phillies-Dbacks game after Corbin Carroll was hit by a pitch for the second time tonight (via @employee)

Lovullo felt as though pitches were intentionally thrown at Carroll, an emerging NL MVP candidate. That’s why he went behind Realmuto and why the seats were cleared afterward.

MLB fans are divided. One side of the argument is that Lovolo needs to defend his star player and he can’t allow teams to treat Carroll this way. On the other hand, many fans believe that the HBPs weren’t intentional, especially the last one that barely touched Carol in their eyes.

@employee @tweet AZ manager Torrey Lovullo walked off the base with a protest. No pitcher intentionally hits even 5-1 with no runner on first. @RAJr_20

The Diamondbacks trailed at that point 5-1, which is why some fans think the Phillies wouldn’t intentionally put one of baseball’s most prolific base stealers on base.

However, flushing and cleaning the benches may have sparked them as they came back to win 9-8 and continue their winning ways. They now have the best record in the National League and four games in the NL West.

JT Realmuto hits for a spin after Torey Lovullo’s accident at the D’backs-Phillies

While the ejection appeared to have energized the Diamondbacks on their way to an 8-3 game-winning run, it may also have ignited JT Realmuto. He had a home run and a triple before the screaming game, but it pushed him to finish the job.

JT Realmuto and Torey Lovullo yelled at each other
JT Realmuto and Torey Lovullo yelled at each other

He feigned the top of the fifth and strode the top of the seventh, making the course in doubt. However, as he finished ninth, he managed a historic performance finish.

He came on to score to cut the deficit to one, but they eventually lost with this run at the end.

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